Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The icing on the crap cake...

I have to take a moment for me. So bare with me, I'm about to vent. Yesterday was horrific, and it managed to carry on into today for that matter. I have been really sick lately, and on top of just generally not feeling well, I managed to get me a nasty sinus infection. I went to a walk-in clinic a few weeks ago and the doctor there gave me antibiotics, which I hate to take, but did, and it still didn't fix it. So I made an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. I prefer them anyways, but since we are still fairly new to the area, I hadn't pick a primary doctor yet. So anyways it's hard for me to go to appointments with the childcare, my mom is the only one who can cover for me right now, because she meets with licensing guidelines, but she is a busy lady, so I had to schedule a dentist appointment and a doctor appointment in the same day, to make good use of her time.

This is were it went bad, very, very, bad. I hate going to the dentist. I am terrified of needles. You would think after two pregnancy's, one of which ended up as a C-section, that I would be over that by now, but I am so not! I managed to survive the shot in my mouth, barely, and then they started drilling and boom...shooting pain! I freak, they stop, he gives me another shot, they start again, and ouch...more shooting pain! So I am bawling by this point, because this has happened more then once in the past, I don't know why I don't numb, and it's scary and it really HURTS. They stop again, get out the laughing gas, attempt to calm my now hysterical self down, and then proceed to give me yet another shot straight into the gums. Finally I was completely numb, and they finished their evil work. It sucked! By the time I was leaving, I could barely talk, because my tongue and half my face was completely numb, I sounded ridiculous.

So a little later that same day I am off to the doctor. Everything went fine, although I almost bit off his fingers because I forgot that my jaw was sore, so when he told me to say aaaahhhhh, and started to take a peek in my mouth, I proceeded to yelp in pain and snap my mouth down on the tongue depressor thingy. Which freaked out the poor man. I'm sure he thought I was some sort of crazy finger biter! A brief explanation was needed. Anyways he told me that I am indeed sick (No way, really?) and that I desperately need to reduce the amount of stress in my life and boost my immune system so that I can start feeling better. He gave me lots of *useful* (sarcastic statement) suggestions for over all health like get a solid nights sleep, and more then 4-5 hours (ha, ha, I've got 3 boys 3 and under mister!), take 45 minute walks alone for stress reduction (Oh sure, I have 45 spare minutes laying around), drink 48-64 ounces of water a day (okay I admit that's a good one, but I seriously don't have time to pee that much!). When he wrote up my treatment plan the first thing he wrote on there was the thing about more water, which when my husband saw that he had an "I told you so" moment. Annoying! But the doctor also wrote on there that I needed steam inhalation, which I told my husband had to come in the form of long hot baths, doctors orders.

Speaking of baths, I decided to take one that very same night, last night. My husband had picked up some peppermint extract, suggested by the doctor, and so I ran a bath and dumped some in...OMGoodness...what a way to end a wretched day! No it was not in a good way, I dumped way to much in, apparently you are only suppose to use a few drops, and well I'm not even sure how much I put in there but it was way to much! I started to feel a cold sensation, followed by a cold, but burning sensation, followed by an Oh CR#@ thought, and I jumped up and started showering off, and my skin was on fire, but I was freezing cold at the same time. Like when you put the icy hot stuff on sore muscles. I got all light headed and I started screaming for my husband, he came in, and freaked out, because apparently the stench of peppermint was so strong his eyes started watering. Only I would be such and idiot. So there I stood, buck-naked, shivering and crying while my husband tried to calm me down. It wasn't pretty, literally. I was afraid I would have to go to the ER or something, and have to explain my idiotic self, but instead we put olive oil all over (I was willing to try anything!) and it really helped, but it took a few hours for the cold/hot feeling to go away! Not the relaxing bath I had envisioned.

Then the icing on this crap cake is that Atty broke the toilet in the main bathroom this morning. Broke, Broke, as in need a new toilet. Water was gushing everywhere. He climbed up on the toilet when we were all in there brushing our teeth, and I got him down, and of course he climbed up again because he just HAD to get into the stuff on the shelf above the toilet. So I grabbed him again, and this time he grabbed on and hung on for dear life, putting up a good fight as usual. I am used to this resistance, so I didn't think much of it. Somewhere in between scolding one of the other children because they keep flicking the light on and off, stopping another child with my leg from falling off a stool, and wrestling Atty off the toilet, he managed to lift the lid up with him and then before I could even react he decided to give up the fight and let go, CRACK, the lid hit the tank and it split down the side! I freaked, tried to turn off the water, and as water is pouring out of the toilet I sprinted to the laundry room to grab towels, sprinted back, and then realized in my panicked state that I turned the water all the way up, not down. Urrrrrgggg, righty tighty, lefty loosey, stupid! I guess I didn't really need to turn off the water, just empty the tank, (as hubby patiently let me know, after the fact) but I wasn't thinking to clearly, just panicking. I also started saying "Sh#@, sh@#, sh#@, over and over again- I don't handle these sorts of emergencies well- until I looked up from cramming towels around the toilet and realized that all the kids were staring at me (I only had one daycare kid at the time, I called her mom and explain the situation, and my poor choice of word, which she thankfully understood. Not a shining star moment in the world of childcare.) It's not really that child that I am worried about though, it's my oldest, he likes to pick up on words you would rather he not have heard. So any ways, what was Atty doing while all the flooding was going on? Well he took advantage of the fact that I was good and distracted and went back to climbing up the tallest dresser in their bedroom, and grabbing the breakables off of the shelf that is way up high on their wall for a reason. His newest favorite pass time, besides breaking toilets. When I discovered him up there, my head almost popped off, and I think steam might have started to pour out of my ears!

Yeah, I think I'm doing really well so far at reducing that stress the good ol' doc was talking about...


MGM said...

Hope tomorrow's better!

I survived two c-sections but still freak out about needles and dentists. Go figure.

And about the broken toilet thing. I totally would've been saying "SH!@!" ...or worse.

Lisa said...

Okay, so are you going to hate me and block me if I say that your blog really made me kind of laugh?! I think I should delete that! I'm sorry, I'm being a jerk, that is really insensitive. :) I hate dentists too, even though my mom worked in a dentist office for over 15 years when I was growing up. And sinus infections are the pits, I actually have one too, so really, sorry about that. I think I'll try the water thing too....but what crazy doctor says go take 45 minute walks to a SAHM?! Yeah, right! I guess they could go too, but THAT'S real relaxing! Anyway, I hope you have a much better day today, and can find the humor in yesterday! Happy Thanksgiving!!! (at least your toilet didn't break on turkey day!)