Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday boy {Spike} turns 5!

My littlest boy's birthday is right around the corner... I know I say this every year, but seriously where does the time go? How can be possibly be almost five already? Seems like yesterday he was a rolly-polly juicy little baby with big blue eyes. He still has those big blue eyes, but the rolls, sadly those are gone. ;)

I spent the morning watching baby videos of him. Well all of the baby videos of the boys actually. In a way it makes me sad thinking about how that time went by so fast. There was so much going on in our lives then that I feel like I didn't really absorb the moments as they should have been, it's all a blur really. When I think of Spike as a baby I get bits and pieces. Good thing I wrote stuff down and took pictures/videos, because I seriously wouldn't have remembered other wise. Most nights when Atty and Spike were little, being only four months apart, I got a few hours of broken up sleep tops. Then there was Bubu being little himself, and a teenage J going through a rough patch. And speaking of rough patches, my husband and I were going through one of the biggest ones of all. There were moments were I questioned if I was going to come out on the other side sane or not, or if there even was a light at the end of the tunnel. And that is exactly what I mean, I just didn't take my time and enjoy the little moments enough, I was simply focused desperately on keeping my sanity. And now I wish so much that things had been different, that I had figured out a way to be less overwhelmed some how. I know that there is no point in regret, but with Spike every year he gets a little older I regret not enjoying his being a baby more. He really was such an adorable baby. And he is growing into an adorable young man.

Really though all I have is this moment in time, and so I make an effort to remember the moments. The funny things he says, the way he can so easily make us all laugh with his witty sense of humor. His amazing ability to be good at everything he puts his mind too, just like his dad. The brilliant way he seems to stay one step ahead of me on a regular basis {which also drives me crazy, but you just have to admire it}. His quick thinking, the boy can shift gears in the blink of an eye and somehow get people to agree with him before they even realize what they are doing. He just keeps problem solving until he figures it out. He lives and breathes this song, which I'll admit even though it drives me crazy I love that he's got that kind of spunk {this song also happens to be my theme song, it's gotten me through some big stuff in my life}. He's a lot like me, and a lot like his dad and I secretly think he got the best of us both, even though it can make him very challenging at times. And the boys got moves, seriously I have no idea how he can dance so well, that he definitely didn't get from us. :) He seems so tough but he's actually extremely sensitive, he still gets all snuggly with me, he'll be the first to insist I give him a kiss and hug before leaving, and he still likes to try and curl up in my lap. He loves to brush my hair. He tells me I look beautiful every time I wear a dress or do my hair. When he gets his feelings hurt he makes the bravest little face and makes a little sniffing sound, but rarely cries about it. At least not in front of his friends. It breaks my heart when I see him do this. When he falls and gets hurt now he will say "mom I didn't cry" and acts all tough guy on me. We've never expected our boys to act like that, so I have no idea why this is so important to him now, but I've seen his get hurt pretty bad a few times lately and seriously swallow back his tears and put a tough guy face on. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't want him to hold stuff in too much because he already tends to do that and it's just not healthy in the long run. But it seems to be his personality, instead of sharing how he feels he just looks at me with those big blue eyes shining with tears he's trying to hold back and it really does break my heart. Sometimes he seems so sad that I worry about him, and other times he has such a bubbly personality, I guess he truly is a Gemini. :)

I am proud of what an amazing human he is turning out to be. As the years go buy I hope to focus more on the little moments so that I don't miss out on all the wonderful ways he changes and grows as he matures. He's made a big impact in the five years he's been on earth, can't wait to see what else he has in store for us!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tinker bell magic

My little girl is finally completely potty trained... no more diapers at night time. She ended being an unexpected challenge on this one. Bubu and Spike were completely potty trained day and night by two years old, so I sort of expected the same of Lala. She was using the toilet during the day by about the same age as them so I just assumed. Right around when she turned two I took the night time diapers away, put a mattress protecter under her and thought easy-peasy. At first it seemed as things would go the way I planned, but then she just started peeing her bed almost every single night and getting it on her pillows and blankets and I was doing an {even more} insane amount of laundry. So for my sanity I gave up and put her back in diapers. I'll admit I felt really frustrated about it, but after weeks of trying to hang in there I was getting nasty about the accidents, and that is never productive. We stopped talking about it for the most part, every once and a while I would tell her that when she started keeping her diapers dry at night she could go with out diapers again. She just smiled at me and didn't seem to have a care in the world, the night time diapers didn't bother her a bit it seemed. I did notice thought that they started staying dry a tad more often, but it was so random. One night she started talking about some Tinker bell panties that a friend of hers had and all the sudden I had an inspiration. I told her that if she kept her diapers dry every night for a little while I would buy her Tinker bell underwear and she could wear those instead of diapers. She was over the moon excited. I never had to bribe my boys like that, and I hate to bribe, but the girl desperately need of a goal. :) Do you know that she completely stopped wetting her diaper. Completely. Done just like that. So after a few days of dry diapers I went and bought her a big pack of Tinker bell panties. 

She was still awake when I got home from shopping so I went in and laid down on her bed and showed her what I got. I pulled out every single one and she ohhh and ahhh over them. I told her to keep her diaper dry again and the next night she would be able to wear them. She was so excited that she slept with them wrapped up in her arms. The next morning she still had them clutched in her hands  when she woke up... she actually walked out in to the playroom and dumped them in my lap. And proudly let me know that she was indeed dry. :) So cute. As promise that night she picked out her favorite pair of Tinker bell undies and wore them to bed. I'll admit I half expected her to have an accident. But she didn't and hasn't ever since, it's been over a week now and not a single accident.

All it took was some magical Tinker bell underwear. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommies day

Happy Mother's day! I had a wonderful Mother's day weekend and I just had to share. :) We went camping, and it ended up being a gorgeous weekend, and so much fun. I feel like one very blessed mommy, four times over. :)

They've all turned goofy, ha ha! As much as I begged and pleaded for the "perfect everybody smiling" picture it just wasn't happening. Rarely does these days.  Who needs those anyways right, these sorts of picture are a whole lot more fun. :)

Perfect picture for a Mother's day weekend, a mommy and her four sweet little babies.

We borrowed a pop up trailer, snuggly!

So cozy, I got to snuggle with this cute little ladybug. :)

This little guy got to roast {GAPS approved} marshmallows for the first time in over two years! Well worth the hassle of making them to see the sweet smile on his face.

Although I think he was more excited about roasting them then eating them. :)

We spotted a lot of these red headed woodpeckers, Atty and I were pretty excited about that!

A beautiful lake to play in on a sunny day.

Sun kissed beauty. :)

My mom set up the table for a Mothers day tea/breakfast. Nothing better then drinking tea from fancy tea cups in the woods. 

Happy Mother's day to my mommy.

This boy played with this bow and arrow set the whole time. Rubber tipped arrows, so don't be alarmed. ;) I'm thinking there is one of these in the future for this kid. There is a birthday around the corner after all. :)

And of course you have to bring a costume when camping... Lady Bug Girl to the rescue!!! If you have a little girl you must read to her the Lady Bug Girl books, they are so sweet, it's a favorite of Lala's. She ran around the forest saving bugs. :)

Love my little monkeys.

Pouty face cuteness. I pretty much think everything this girl does is cute, it might be a problem...
So there you have it, a perfect for me Mother's day weekend spent with family. I even got surprise red roses in the morning with a special card. I'm a lucky mommy. :) And the best part, the kids were sweet perfect little dolls all day long. Doesn't get much better then that.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Adventure to Orcas Island :)

We went on an adventure out to Orcas Island! Hour long ferry ride,  the kids thought this was amazing! And very windy on the front deck, ha ha!

Sight seeing. :)
The kids were in awe, it was super cute.
Beautiful views!

Boys and trees go hand in hand. :)

Everyone needed to take a turn. :) I love his little face.
Got up there all on his own, and proud of it! 


Trying to get a family pic, with a family that just wants to make funny faces. :)

They are the silliest...
Trying to catch a bunny, this kept them entertained for some time!
So close!!! :)
He so badly wanted to keep this baby crab...
Went on a hike on the island to our picnic spot, it was beautiful.  There were campgrounds there, and I definitely want to go back and camp sometime soon!
Super late lunch, wow were we hungry! Nothing better then yummy food after a hike. :)




Saying goodbye on the ferry ride back. Wonderful but also super long day.  Well worth it.  We haven't gone out to the islands often because the ferry is expensive, but I think we will be doing more adventures to all the awesome islands we have around here, because it's well worth it!