Monday, April 8, 2019

Oops we did it again!

Big changes around here!

Imagine my surprise!

Flash back to April of 2017.

I was feeling super exhausted and crazy tired at the end of the day... More so than usual any ways, ha ha! So I went and got a pregnancy test with the thought of putting my mind at ease. Jokes on me! What a shocker!

I was super exhausted from the get go, smells were really overwhelming to the point I covered my face with a scarf often to keep from puking, I loved the smell of roses so I used a lot of rose oil, and I was obsessed with anything lemon. Also all my food sensitivities when away! Which was super awesome until I found out I had gestational diabetes. Never had that with the others. So at that point until the baby was born I had to take my blood readings three times a day, journal everything I ate, and keep to a strict diet. Sadness. Part of being an older mother I suppose.

After I settled into the idea I really enjoyed my pregnancy over all and was excited to see the new bundle of love.

This was our announcement picture. When we told the kids I gave them these shirts thinking that they would figure it out right away but they had no idea. We had told them for so long that we weren't having anymore that they couldn't wrap their brains around getting the little sibling they all wanted. It was super cute. 

Ryder and I got to go to a Tom Petty concert, little did we know at the time it would be one of his last ones before he died, and it was a special time. Tom Petty's music has always been a big part of our relationship. Because of my pregnancy brain we almost missed the whole thing! I left the tickets on the counter at home! I didn't realize this until we had sat down to enjoy a delicious meal at an Italian restaurant. Something I hadn't been able to enjoy before being pregnant because of my food sensitivities. Right when the food got to the table I realize what I had done. Talk about pregnancy hormones melt down! With the help of an amazing friend who met us half way we got the tickets and made it to the show just in time. Sadly we didn't get to enjoy a nice meal together though. That pregnancy brain thing coupled with hormones is a doozer!

We also went camping at the coast. So fun!

The big reveal! 




Holding up the proof. Leiella was a little disappointed but we had spent lots of time preparing her for such news so she took it well. Plus there are benefits to being the only princess. :)

Last rock picture with the original four. :D

Once again I got to be pregnant with my sister in law! And once again they are about 11 weeks apart. Hers being older both times. I've teased her that she can't have any more because when she gets pregnant I get pregnant! Last time we both had girls, this time it's a girl for her and a boy for me. Her sister was also pregnant and having a girl. Babies everywhere!

Sister love and a big surprise to come!
Scroll down. ;)


My sister is pregnant!!!
Never in a million years did I think I would get to be pregnant with my little sister. We are ten years apart. I tear up even now thinking about it. Being pregnant again wasn't something I was looking for or would have even wished for but it ended up being such a wonderful surprise and amazing experience. And now our littles are only 5 months apart!

I had a wonderful baby shower full of love from dear ones.

I can't find the picture with all four of us girls, two pairs of sisters, but one pair is having girls the other boys! My sister and I are both having a boy!!!

Pregnant sisters.


He's here!

Kyren Hawk, born in January of 2018. We call him Kye.

So much love we can hardly handle it! He is the perfect addition to our family and I can't imagine it any other way. He has four very eager older siblings that just want to snuggle him up every chance they get. And two parent that adore him. Just look at that face!