Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mister Man

Family comedianThat's Spike
On those days when he's just driving me crazy as only Spike can, he can usually find some way to still make me giggle. The things that he says and does often have his daddy and I shaking our heads and trying to hide a smile. I say trying to hide a smile because it's often at times when we shouldn't be laughing about it. Of course there are lots of times when we can and should laugh out loud. At our silly youngest son. Our mischievous one. Smart, sassy, brazen, wild, sensitive, loving, adventurous, trouble maker. A trouble maker that still makes you smile at the things he comes up with to annoy his brothers. Smile into your elbow that is. I love his little kisses, arms wrapped around my neck. His laugh. His walk. His silly faces. His smart remarks. His devotion to his brothers, his love for his little sister. I love seeing his personality develop as the years pass by. He's the one that has me lying in bed at night wondering if I'm doing right by him. He has such a complex personality it's hard to figure out what works best for him. I'm often asking myself, what will help him develop into the capable compassionate young man I know he can be? There have been so many late night discussions about him with my husband, and every time I think I've screwed up royal with him we turn a corner and he surprises me again with all that he can be. He keeps me on my toes, my littlest boy...on the days where he seems to cause nothing but trouble I remind myself...he keeps life interesting. Never a dull moment with my spirited, quirky, unique, mister man.

Friday, May 21, 2010

~a treasure~

My Grandma passed away in February. My mom had wanted us to get a picture taken of the four generations of girls before my Grandma passed away. The day we were going to do the picture was the Saturday we spent in the hospital after Atty's first seizure. The picture never happened and she passed aways soon after. I will always regret not getting that picture and the sad fact that she never even met my daughter.
My mom just brought over a dress she found in my Grandma's closet. We don't really know why it was there or who it was for, but it seems as if it was made just for my little Strawberry. I know my Grandma would have thought she was beautiful. Because my Strawberry is so juicy I know she won't fit it for long, so I dressed her up and took some adorable pictures of her in this treasure of a dress. Now when I look at these pictures, even though my Grandma isn't in them, I think of her. *
I can't help but think that the dress truly was just meant for my girl.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

...Not that old...

Tonight my husband said something about how old he is getting at the dinner table. Bubu looked up and said "When you get old you die and go to heaven". Hubby starts to tell him that he's not that old but Bubu cuts in and says "Then we get a new dad". Wow, the things that come out of that kids mouth. We started to laugh because it was so random and then Spike said "You're crazy Bubu" and we all lost it. It was stated so matter of fact. These boys just crack me up, I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I don't thing my hubby will be talking about getting old around the kids again any time soon.
Same topic, different angle, the questions Bubu has right now about life are WILD! He is one deep thinker and when he doesn't have the facts he just fills in the blanks with something usually WAY out there! He's not even five yet and I find myself intimidated by some of his questions already! He is total fixated on life and death right now to the point that he often sounds morbid. He's also fascinated with good and evil and talking about what makes someone evil. He is constantly saying, "mom did you ever hear of a boy that did__________(fill in the blank with something awful from the mind of a four year old)?" Or he will say something along the lines of "there was this bad guy and he_____________(again fill in the blank as above)." He has a great imagination which I love, but the stuff he is focusing on right now is freaking me out. I know he's at that age where he is starting to understand life and death, good verses evil and such, I guess I'm just having a hard time realizing my first born son is growing up and moving on to the sad parts of life. Reality. Mixed with odd, outrageous, and just plain wacky comments that only my son could come up with. Spike was right Bubu's just plain crazy! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just had to share

Cute girls+sunshine+adorable outfits=too many pictures! (if there is such a thing...)

My Mothers day memory

I had such a wonderful Mothers day. I am so thankful. Our house is full of love.The boys made me a super yummy breakfast while I took a bath, read a book and drank some yummy coffee. Beautiful way to start the day!
I watched my daughter and my husband from across the table and fell in love all over again.

I giggled at Spike. He's either gazing lovingly at me or plotting his next move, I'll pretend it's the first and not the latter.
Strawberry supervised the boys while they worked on the front yard project with me.

They helped for hours! We all had a lot of fun.
One of my favorite things is working together as a family on projects and I love that they are such eager hardworkers.

Got a corner of the yard done. Starting to look better now. Little by little.

The view out my front door is going to be awesome! My boys worked so hard for me.

After all that work we were hungry for the dinner hubby was making. My heart was full to overflowing looking at all my children at the table together. They are truly amazing wonderful little beings. I feel so blessed to be their mommy.

After stories and before bed the boys surprised me with a gift. A fairy for the garden. They were so excited to give me a gift, it was heart warming to see their pleased little faces. This was the most wonderful Mothers day ever and it was made that way because we all had such a beautiful day together. Just being together, helping each other, caring for one another, making memories.

Copy cat

What are you doing Spike?My girl hungry.
Oh, you are so adorable!
(Seriously I do wipe this kids face, but he still always looks crusty...in almost every picture I have of him!)

Spike played with this baby doll all morning and called it his girl. He nursed her, rocked her, laid her down to sleep and told us all to be quiet. It started out a cute game until Bubu wouldn't be quiet enough and Spike felt he had to set him straight. I had to step in and explain that yelling at his brother to be quiet while his girl was sleeping would wake her up. So he went and got her and nursed her back to sleep again. Ha, ha. Pretty much a play by play of how it really goes around here, little copycat. Except I don't think I've ever yelled at the boys to be quiet when the baby is sleeping, cause that wouldn't make any sense right? Hummmmmm....time to reflect.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

You are...

growing like crazy! You are sitting up on your own. Rolling everywhere. Your smile melts me, and everyone around you. You have the boys in the family wrapped around your little pudgy pinkie...(daddy says it's the other way around, that you actually have me WAY more bamboozled, and he might be right.)
You are saying da da da all day long and a few other sounds, none of them sound like ma ma yet though...little stinker. You are such a determined child. So curious and fascinated by the world around you.

You are always sticking out your tongue. Always. And making funny little noises too. You just figured out how to blow raspberries and it's oh so cute. You love kisses and are giving hugs. You like to grab the spoon and feed yourself when mommy gives you num nums. You are sure that you want to EAT EVERYTHING and get mad when mommy won't let you. You still don't have any teeth! But you've been drooling like crazy for months now.
You are a mommy's girl right now, and although I get tired of carrying you some times, I'm not complaining (too much). You have been pretending like you are shy lately, ducking your face down and hiding it in mommy's shoulder when people talk to you. You have so many expressions and each one is more adorable the the last.
You get upset when mommy takes too many pictures. Or when mommy thinks your mad face is cute and laughs. You light up our lives in so many ways and we can't wait to see what else you bring and watch you as you grow, each and every day.