Monday, December 1, 2008

The holiday crazies are here!

Happy Thanksgiving! What a blast, although you couldn't tell from hubby's face, he really did enjoy himself for the most part...he is such a hum-bug about holidays. So, can I pause and breath yet? To say the last few days were busy would be an understatement!

First we went to my sister-in-laws folks house for Thanksgiving(that's a mouth full). We went there last year too, and it is so much fun. I just love them, they are the most laid back, friendly, down to earth people. It's always a joy to see them and since my mother, sister and brother were there also, it's the best of everything. The food was absolutely delicious, they always have a wide selection, everyone brings a dish or two and so there is a nice variety. Also they leave meat out of most of the side dishes, and since I don't eat red meat or pork, that is a super bonus for me. The boys got to watch Elmo on a big projector screen, and they were in awe! Still though no matter were we are it is hard to go anywhere with three little boys! We stayed the night, which worked out better then I had imagined. It was nice to not have to drive there and back in one night, full on turkey and all the trimmings. I even got a glass of wine this year, that was nice.

A serious moment, probably scolding the adorable little terror.

This is what Bubu does now when he doesn't want me to take any more pictures of him, urrrgg!

Atty loved this tiger toy he found, held it most of the time we were there!

Here is my sweet, smart, adorable little sister, getting ready to chow down.

They have this awesome chalkboard paint on there wall, and the boys filled it with their special brand of colorful. I am truly not sure what Atty is doing, or about to do, in this picture...

So somewhere in between getting home on Friday and taking off again on Saturday the boys found time to become the diaper head posse. Crazy critters.

Then it was off to my aunts house on Saturday to my Grandma's 90th birthday party! Three hour commute time, one hour of visiting, oh the joy! This was a stressful visit with the boys because my aunt has about a million little breakable things, all of which were reachable and shiny and all to irresistible to my littlest two.
This table was of particular interest. "Eyes only boys"...I said this so many times I was driving myself crazy! And oh they were trying so hard, but who can resist the temptation of touching glass grapes...let alone trying to taste them when you think no one is looking *ahem*.

Here's my granny, tiny things that she is, I just love to snuggle her like this, she fits right under my chin!

And here is a picture of all of us. Ryder almost always looks grumpy in pictures, he really was enjoying himself, as much as an anti-social, introverted person can at family gatherings of the in-laws...oh he tries so hard, he really does. That's true love.
So on top of all the previous excitement we also had a birthday party to attend on Sunday. This time I left Ryder at home, I just didn't have the heart to torture him any longer. I can't say that I had much fun chasing little children around a house full of lots of things that they again can't touch, but it was a cool kids party. I know Bubu had a lot of fun, so that made it worth it. It was a Sponge Bob themed party and they went all out! It was my friends party for her kid, the crafty friend with the Etsy shop I was talking about before, and you could definitely tell that crafty people put that party together. My kids have never, and probably will never get a party that cool. Wish I had taken pictures, but by then I was a shell of my former self, operating on auto pilot, just barely surviving.
Phew, what a holiday weekend it was. I'm thinking we will be staying home for Christmas.

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