Monday, November 3, 2008

A Super Hero and his pets.

So I didn't have a chance to talk about our fun on Halloween in the previous post (check it out, cute pictures!), but we had a blast at a carnival.

Bubu stayed dressed up as Spider Man, although he didn't want to wear the cool Spider Man face mask that my friend found for him, oh well. Spike (the Juicy littlest baby) stayed in his dog costume, he absolutely loved it. Atty (Tank) on the other hand would have nothing to do with his cute tiger outfit. He backed away from it and would throw the most horrible fit if you tried to actually put it on him. It was really dramatic! So I ended up dragging out this Tigger stripped jumper we had in the dress up clothes and tricked him into wearing it. *A while back my oldest and I decided to give the babies funny nicknames, since he gave himself the nickname Bubu when he first started talking, and it stuck. The littlest already has a nickname, Juicy, but Bubu wanted to give him a new one so we settled on Spike (cause he always has crazy hair) and Tank (self explanatory, solid as a brick). Bubu has been insisting that I use the nicknames when talking to the brothers, not sure why this is so important to him right now, but he is constantly correcting me. I swear I get some strange looks when we are out and I am calling my boys Bubu, Spike and's funny because we are really such a passive family, and those sound like such burly names. Any ways....

There was a petting zoo, pony rides (Bubu was So excited!), games and more, it was a lot of fun. The plan was to go to the carnival, come home for a bite to eat and then hit our neighborhood for the first time. But, by the time we got home and made food and ate it was around 8 pm! Time flies when you are having fun. So being burnt out (meaning My Hubby and I) and pretty sure the neighbors didn't want to see any more trick-or-treaters, no matter how cute, we elected to stay in. The boys had so much excitement earlier that night, so they didn't even notice or care. Good thing they are still so little, I can still get away with last minute changes like that. Only problem is, now I don't have a candy stash to tax! I am starting to regret that now...I do like my sweets.

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