Monday, November 17, 2008

Pray for the monsters

Lately bedtime prayers with Bubu have been an interesting experience. He prays for everything and I mean everything! From the light in the ceiling, to his shoes, to the ketchup he had with dinner. He will list every family member, extended family member, friends, neighbors, pets, the cashier in the grocery store we said hi to that day... the list goes on. But last night was a first, last night he prayed for monsters.

"Dear Lord Jesus I thank you for (everything under the sun) and please send your guardian angels to protect (everything under the sun)... and the monsters."

Apparently even monsters need prayers.


Mama said...

well yeah, even Monsters need prayer! I bet he thinks if he prays for them then they will leave him alone. Good thinking little one!

Nayheli Valenzuela said...

I know this kind of prays little headache improvise similar prays.

Sorry for my terrible english!!!
Saludos desde México.