Friday, April 29, 2011


Looking at these pictures makes me realize how much my children have grown in this past year.

This little guy is just a mischievous as he looks...

This little redhead has been quite the silly little man lately.

I told him something super funny, can you tell?

Don't be fooled by this sweet face... the only way I could get her to smile was to ask her if she wanted to eat. Ha!

Other wise the whole time she was doing this... blowing spit bubbles. Yuck!

She's a sassy one my girl.

Happy Spring!

{Right after I took all these pictures... it hailed! Sigh.}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter, mostly in pictures...

I never seem to have the time for blogging anymore, but I wanted to get this Easter on here some how, so it's mostly in pictures. Some day when there is less cleaning to do {I swear it's non-stop right now!} I'll get back to blogging with words, maybe. :)

In case you are wondering why I posted a picture of us sitting in a field... we went to an Easter sunrise service {very} early in the morning.

Sunrise service, check. Easter baskets, check. Breakfast... almost.

It's hard to get this boy to take a picture these days, sigh. Of course I was trying to get him to stop for a picture in the middle of an egg hunt... not the best time for that I guess.

Sassy face, she's been perfecting it and it's almost perfect. :) {Seriously she practices in the mirror!}

Pretty girls in Easter dresses. My girl is slightly less fancy, what can I say... I'm always going for practical. Oh well.

My sister and my {hopefully} soon to be sister-in-law {either way she's family now!} and my adorable niece.

Happy Easter! Hope you had a wonderful one as well.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A baby loving book worm...

{ Pay no mind to her stained up shirt, I wasn't planning on taking her picture...but she was just too cute!}

I don't know how you've grown so fast! You are sitting on the floor next to me right now {yes you should be in bed sleeping, but of course you are staying up late with mommy again, what can I say...} looking at the new library books and talking up a storm. I love your cute little voice. You flip quickly through a book then toss it aside for the next. Speed reader. ;) Some times you "read"quietly, some times you shout at the pages. You recognize cows, and babies, birds and dogs among other things and you say the words a loud. You laugh at some of the pictures. You look at the books upside down and right side up. You look at the same ones over and over again. You clear the shelf of library book and make a mommy proud. Your favorite book tonight has a baby in it. Babies are your favorite. You are such a little mommy in love with every baby you see. Trying to baby your brothers {not always well received} and the littlest daycare boy {also not always well received}. Wandering the house with baby dolls in arms. For some reason tonight with you sitting there looking at all those books by yourself it hit home how much you have grown. I marvel at your adorable little self, but I can't help but feel a tad bit sad that my last little baby has disappeared, and in her place is a little book worm. {Well actually that very last part doesn't make me sad.} I love you my {not so baby} girl!