Wednesday, November 9, 2011

...and one more makes seven...

Meet our newest family member... Max.He's ten weeks old and super adorable! I saw his picture yesterday morning and just got this feeling that he was the perfect kitty for our family. The kids had been talking about getting a pet for a while now {Although it's mostly been talk about a dog, but I'm just not ready for that... so I guess I'm trying to buy myself some time, haha!} I had started thinking about a cat and looking around for one. Just looking and getting ideas. I didn't think we would be getting one for another month or so. But I just couldn't pass him up! In my mind the perfect cat would be a big fluffy orange long haired male cat. And there he was! He turned out to not be as orange as I thought, but you know what it doesn't matter because he's still gorgeous. A Carmel Vanilla Swirl... yummy. :) So far he's just a doll, really sweet. Hopefully it will stay that way, he's definitely been well loved and very use to people. He's litter box trained {a must} and seems to be doing fine with that as well. Seems really healthy and well balanced. So far we couldn't be happier.

Isn't he just adorable!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A day {or three} late and a dollar short...

Happy Halloween!Some how I deleted the pictures of us carving pumpkins before downloading them, sadness. But I did get some cute pictures of them in their Halloween costumes.

We had a house full of super heroes and kitties this year. :)

I would say the kitties out numbered the super heroes except that my hubby is a super hero whether he dresses up or not... ;) So it was a well balanced night, apparently kitties and super heroes can live in harmony. Plus kitties always need a super hero to rescue them, haha!

My adorable little kitten. She was a puppy for our Harvest party, but she got too hot in that outfit so she gladly switched over to a cute little kitty, that barks. ;)

Meow... Atty picked out kitty ears and that was all he was willing to wear, he's never been big on the Halloween outfits. I found a black shirt and pants, add some whiskers, and ta da, black cat!

This boys makes the best super man if you ask me! He's my super hero!

Spike went with spider man once again... his favorite. He's also been wearing it ever since, every where we go, even to bed! I just talked him out of it last night, because superheroes need clean clothes you know! He asked me first thing this morning if I'd washed it yet...

Kitties! It's sort of turned into a tradition that I am a cat every Halloween, and even though I'm a bit bored with it and my outfit/face paint gets more and more boring every year I can't seem to stop. Ha!

We had a great Halloween, at home. We played hide and seek for a super long time and the kids loved it, it was a lot of fun. The kids were a bit disappointed with our measly 5 trick-or-treaters though. They were pretty excited about the idea of being involved with Halloween by at least handing out trinkets... and then hardly a soul showed up. Ah well... I can't say that I personally mind all that much, I would hate to live in one of those neighborhoods that get slammed on Halloween but I was sort of wishing for a little bit more excitement for my kids since they were being such great sports about staying home and skipping on the candy. One problem we have is with the porch light, we have motion lights so it looks like our porch light is out until you start up the walk... I think some people skipped over our house because of that. Although we did have our awesome jack-o-lanterns going... and there were little faces peeking out the window all night. Might have to figure out a solution for the porch light next year. Who knows maybe we might be brave enough to take the kids trick-or-treating again next year. Atty might be old enough at that time to be okay with trading his candy for toys or money... if that ends up being the case we won't even be home, problem solved. ;)