Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Look mom I made purple!

Um, yeah, I was speechless.
Situation went a little like this;
Me- washing another child's hands in the bathroom after our painting project in preschool.
Bubu- from the dinning room "I like purple"
Me- Hummmmm..... (answer for everything when busy.)
Bubu- "Purple is nice"
Me- "Oh?" (wait a minute, purple? We weren't using the color purple.)
Bubu- "I like it on my body."
Me- "Bubu, what are you doing?"
Bubu- "It's fun, Atty too mom."
Me- Wait a minute he's calling me mom! "Bubu, come here"
Bubu- suspiciously silent.
Me- "Bubu!"
Dashing back to the dinning room, almost run into little purple man, auggggg!
Bubu- "I made purple!" He shows me his hands with pride.
Good grief...and there's Atty all grins and giggles, covered from head to toe, enjoying purple. Well what can I say, it was a pretty color they made, although not my favorite. Maybe next time we will experiment with yellow and blue.
Preschool painting projects are so much fun!


Nayheli Valenzuela said...

My god!!!! jajaja...very funny!, the babys are pretties...
My english is bad...
Saludos desde México.

Mama said...

FUNNY!!! Never a dull moment in your house!

MGM said...

Looks like one of those confusing moments where the wee ones are in trouble, but after the initial scolding you have to tell them to wait while you snap a picture or two (and stifle a giggle) before ensuing the scolding again. Can you tell I've been there?