Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes we can!

My oldest son and I watched Obama's speech last night together. He is three. I did not ask him to, he wanted to.

He has been cheering on Obama for a while now, and so he jumped up on to the chair with me and snuggled in.

I became overwhelmed during Obama's speech and had tears streaming down my face, and my son looked at me and said "you happy?" I said "yes, very happy" and he said "me too" and proceeded to scrunch up his face in what I am assuming was a replica of what he thought I was doing. If that was the face I was making then I am a bit embarrassed!

We clapped, we cheered, we celebrated.

Then my son said to me "I'm proud of him". My heart overflowed, his praise, his understanding, his interest, those words out of his mouth will be part of my memory of that amazing moment in history. My sweet son telling Obama that he is proud of him. Wow.

I always felt like my son was an old soul, the moment he was born, his eyes, his quiet observation of the world around him, but he amazes me with the depth of his perceptions every day.

I feel so much hope for our country now, and I am so glad that my son shared in the moment with me.

YES WE CAN, and we did!

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