Monday, November 10, 2008

earthy friends

There's just something about boys in hoodies, so stinkin cute!

"It's so cute, Riah, I kiss it. I just love her" (her?) Um yeah, so he likes the earthworms, they are his friends. He found three and he named them Little foot, Sarah, and Simba. Can you tell what his favorite movies are?

He is petting his wormy, he re-named this one Fish. A little background on this picture, I was recording them on my camera, cause they were all being so cute. Everything started out well. It was some adorable footage. Then I pan over to Bubu, who is holding a worm, I thought. Turned out to be a piece of a worm, a nasty stub, right up close and personal, and he is telling me, "it broke mom", oops... He accidentally pulled it apart. Something went horribly wrong. Guess it's not a good day to be a worm named fish.

Atty with his worm, he was so fascinated with it, and surprisingly gentle too! He had a super wiggly one, I think his worm could sense the unfortunate fate of fish, and he wanted to get out of there in one piece! I'm happy to say his final destination was the compost bin (in one piece).

Spike was a good sport, although he tried to nibble on his a few times, I had to keep telling him we don't eat worms...he will try to eat anything that is not nailed down! His worm was pretty juicy too, so who could blame him. I think this worm will do some damage in the compost bin, he might eat the scraps, and then finish off with the bin!
Once years ago when I was a child, I dared my younger brother to eat a worm, and he did! That is burnt into my memory, I never dared him to do anything nasty again! He was wild. Never under estimate the power you have as an older sibling. In case you are now wondering how evil I am, no I did not dare my boys to eat one, but I am thinking that Bubu might someday...
Spent most of the weekend working in the yard, transplanted a few things, had to get them moved before the ground freezes. Never know when that will be around here! Hubby helped me, and the boys, well they did their part. Bubu is at the age that he likes to "help" on projects, so I try to let him do what he can. The babies on the other hand just like to get into everything, and when it comes to gardening, they think it's a good excuse to eat dirt, yuck! I have never understood why most children have no problem turning up their noses at a perfectly delicious dinner, but they will almost always head straight for the nastiest clump of dirt, or sand, or some other nasty earthy element and chow on it. You would think after tasting something like this the first time, that they would not try it again, but at least in my boys case, this is simply not true. Anyways we had a good time regardless. Saturday was pretty nice out, and even though it rained on Sunday it didn't slow us down a bit. I couldn't help but notice though that a project that would have taken me a few hours tops, before the boys, took a whole weekend! I also have to admit that I am a bit sore today, my arms are aching! I really need to get back into prime gardening shape. I use to do some much gardening before the boys, but it's not so easy now. Some day I will be able to get back to doing the hobbies I use to do on a regular basis, and although I look forward to those days, I also know it will be a little sad, cause that will mean my boys will no longer be little. Sniff, sniff...I am already seeing baby fading into little boy, if I blink I might be looking at teenagers!


MGM said...

Worms. I never knew a little person could be so enamored with worms until the little boy I birthed into this world turned about two years old.

Melody said...

They are so cute!! I haven't seen them in so long, they all look older! Love the pic of all of them in their hoodies :) Too funny about the worms! Kade won't touch them... he does not like getting dirty at all. No fun! Also, Kade's names for everything are so unique... monkeys named Monkey, bunnies named Bunny, kitties named Kitty... lol.

I had a pet earthworm when I was little, named Angel or something like that. My brother claims my grandma once made him eat an earthworm and peanut butter sandwich. She denies it. She said it would be nutritious though :)