Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Jack-o-lantern day!

A not-so-bouncy Tigger...

Show me your Muscles!

Me and my baby puppy!

Trying to get three little boys and their hairy sister to sit still for a picture is no easy task!

They are all staring at Juicy, cause he actually listened to mommy and left his hoodie on for a picture, WoW!

Meow, this is what I am every year, for lack of imagination.

My Love and Juicy puppy waiting on us.

Say "pumpkin"! Notice my sister trying her best to keep Atty in the picture...

Bubu was so proud, riding all by him self. He could have rode that horse all nigh if they had let him!

Um, yah... they had turkey's in the petting zoo. That's a new one for me.

My sister is holding a chick for the boys to "pet".

Juicy and his long lost twin!

Atty wanted to squish all the animals, so he didn't last long...he just loved them a little to much!

Bubu loved the "fat piggy goats"
I think we might end up being farm folks, my boys and I love animals so much (notice I didn't mention my Hubby).

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