Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm going to be hurting tomorrow...

Phew...busy day.

It ended up being a gorgeous day here in the soggy NW. Spring cleaning! I started out by attacking the laundry room with a vengeance. I could no longer handle the stench. Seriously. It was the combination of my husbands boots drying on the boot dryer every night, the mountain of laundry, the cat box that I can't empty right now and my husband conveniently forgets to do All The Time, along with the stinky nasty carpet (who puts carpet in a laundry/mud room?). So I hauled most everything out, vacuumed, and sprinkled baking powder on the carpets. While I was cleaning I stumbled upon some bulbs I recently bought that desperately needed to be planted, so I decided to take a little break before getting out the carpet cleaner. Out into the sun I went, the boys and I got our gear and headed up front to the flowerbeds. I then got lost out there for hours. Planting, weeding and pruning. When I was done the boys helped me pick up all the weeds and put them in the wagon. I love gardening and it was so nice to get out there and fix it all up, it really looks great now. I can't wait until every thing starts blooming. Any ways we headed back in, and that's when it hit me. My whole body started aching. It's been awhile since I have done that much yard work. Yikes! I wanted to stop and curl up on the couch, but I resisted and instead put on a movie for the boys and got busy cleaning the carpet in the laundry room and putting every thing back. Except the cat box, which I moved out to the hubby's shop, think he will empty it now? I know I'm evil. Then I moved on to the playroom and got the boys to help me clean up their mess (which by the way is already a mess again as I type, ugggg!) then vacuumed the house. I have to clean the carpets in the playroom tomorrow, and bleach toys, oh the joy. Now I need to finish dinner, hubby's coming home late from work tonight, and I really need to clean the kitchen because I haven't washed a dish all day. I am going to be hurting tomorrow. I can feel the ache in my legs and back and arms, gardening really can be such a work out and I always have a tendency to over do it. Oh well, it was a beautiful, warm day once I started on the garden, I just couldn't stop until it was complete. It was so warm that I got to air the house out which was nice. Nothing better then fresh spring air. We also had a picnic outside for lunch and the boys really liked that. I think I might have even got a bit of a sunburn on my face, that's not hard for me to do though, getting sun burnt is what I do best, being fair skinned and all.

Oh and I still have a mountain of laundry to deal with but now it's a clean mountain on the couch, so we're making progress.


Mama said...

Sounds like a great day! I love working in the yard! So rewarding and refreshing! And yes you will be sore!

Lisa said...

Holy cow, you did A Lot!! good for you....sounds like fun. :)