Monday, March 2, 2009

I think I'll keep him

I'm going to take a moment to say, all complaining aside, I have a super awesome husband. He cooks, he cleans, vacuums, does laundry (some times), takes care of the kids, and does the dishes (a lot, I hate doing dishes and I do a ton too, so there are just a lot of freaking dishes to do constantly!). He builds things, fixes things, does just about any chore I ask him to and is still working on my never ending "to do" list. He is absolutely awesome. I have been so super sick and tired with this pregnancy and I seriously don't know what I would do with out him right now. I don't have the option of just leaving my house a wreck when I am too sick to operate, because I run a daycare in my home. So he has been picking up my slack big time. He is still not working right now, which gives him more time to help out then he would normally be able to do, but even when he is working he will come home from a crazy long day, and pitch in, do what needs to be done. He is an amazing husband and amazing father and I just don't ever tell him this enough. It's been over 15 years since I first gazed into his beautiful blue eyes and it just keeps getting better and better. It has been a long hard road, but worth it, truly worth it.

...and no I didn't train him (and wouldn't admit it even if I did). People say that right to his face, and he takes it in stride, doesn't let it get to him. Cause it's not that he's "trained", it's because we are a team, 50/50 is the deal. There is just a lot of stuff that needs to be done all the time. He doesn't have any hang ups about what he can and can not do, except dirty diapers. Doesn't care for those. ;)


Mama said...

AWWWWW that was really sweet. You did good! He is a good catch, and you saw through all that when you first got together....Knowing him then, I never would have imagined him being like he is now. NICE JOB! You can tell him good job from me too.
I like your new pictures, the beach one is great of all your boys, even J, when was that?

smiles4u said...

That is great and the way it's suppose to be. I am lucky to have a husband like this too and every day I am thankful for that! Love your new header picture and love the picture of all of you together!