Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinch Patrol, no green, no mercy...

HAPPY PATTY'S DAY! The tricky little Leprechaun's left us gold coins, so exciting. We left them "rainbow candies" being as it is there favorite. We usually make a Leprechaun welcoming box and deck it all out really nice and then rig it to try and trap a Leprechaun, but some how St. Patrick's Day snuck up on me and we didn't have enough time. All the kids are little enough that they didn't call me on it, but if this had still been at the old daycare, I would have been in real trouble!
Then we made a lucky shamrock cookie and of course decorated it with "rainbow candies" in honor of the Leprechauns.

The kids were very excited for the Patty's day party. They did a great job helping to decorate the cookie, and of course lick off their utensils when done (or at least almost done).

Then it was time to enjoy, green milk and all. Those are plastic fancy glasses, just so you know. The kids just love getting to drink out of fancy glasses.

Then in a desperate attempt to balance out all the sugar and green food coloring I made cheesy biscuits and stew. I tried to go a bit Irish on the stew and used cabbage and potatoes. except I didn't have regular green cabbage, oh well.

I acknowledge that it doesn't look very tasty, but it was delicious. I wasn't very prepared this year, because my pregnancy hormones took over this last weekend and I was a sick sad little mess. Had to send hubby to the store for groceries on his only day off in the last 10 days. I would have started puking at some point for sure, probably while waiting in the check out line, into someone else's grocery cart. Things always get a little lost in translation when I send him grocery shopping, even though I send him with a DETAILED organized by food groups list. Oh well. He was a dear for going.

We also made a cute little art project, Leprechaun hats.
So all in all we've had an awesome day, even if I was flying by the seat of my pants. I can't preplan anything to save my life right now, it's really irritating. Brain is mush. What day is it? Where do I live? Who are you? How old am I? That one works out as long as I remember to guess about 5 years younger. ;) Yeah...it's getting pretty bad, pregnesia is what I call it and it's a sad, sad thing.


Mama said...

Awsome day! You have always loved St Pattys day! I remember you mom making everything GREEN!
You did good for flying off the seat of your pants!

Kat said...

Wow! I can't believe you did all that while fighting the vomit monster/morning sickness. I am super impressed! Well done!