Sunday, March 29, 2009

ducked out...

Thanks to all of you who left me comfort and advice on traveling alone to the grocery store when you are out numbered by children. I wish I could say I armed myself with that advice and bravely met my doom, but alas I chickened out. My mom ended up coming over for an overnight visit and being the gracious daughter I am I figured she was craving some quality alone time with her grand kids so I ducked out to the grocery store, ha, ha. I had already taken them with me earlier to go shopping for a birthday present, before then attending a birthday party with them at a children's museum (So fun... large group of people, lots of distracting things, three excited boys, all alone). Plus while we were out shopping, I got the crazy idea that I should take the boys out to lunch (which we never do) and we went to a fast food place (which we never do) because I was craving a chicken taco salad. I decided to take them inside instead of going through the drive through. One because I needed to study the menu and figure out what I could get Atty that was wheat free, and two because I thought it would be nice to sit down and eat out with the boys, a treat of sorts. Now I remember the main reason why that was crossed of the list. It's not fun, and they didn't eat barely a thing. The babies wanted to jump on the benches and Ira started squawking because I wouldn't let him run around and well let's just say I didn't enjoy my taco salad as much as I wanted to and that made me grumpy. So by the end of the day I was super burnt out and thankful that I could sneak out the door alone. I did check out all the car carts at the store though, and they don't have the cool one that Kat mentioned, so irritating. A friend of mine remind me that they have one of those childcare rooms that you can leave your kids in for a short amount of time. I've never used the service, I'm a little freaked out about my kids being exposed to some nasty germs or something. I might try it out for Bubu, although knowing myself so well, probably not. I would be too stressed out about how he was doing and whether or not he was safe, that I just don't think it would be worth it. The helper idea is a great one, Bubu loves being a helper, I'll just have to add another hour on for all that extra "helping". The hands on the cart idea is another good one, that I know at least Bubu will understand. So again thanks to everyone and maybe next time I will put your ideas to good use.


Kat said...

Haha! Well it all worked out. You always have next time to try it. ;)

Brittany said...

I'm glad you got to take your trip to the grocery store alone :) Did it feel like heaven?

I know how you feel about restraunts I have decided to just let aidyn eat off my plate from now on. He's always too distracted by everyone to eat anyways. This way we save money, and were not wasting food!

p.s. New to your blog, but loving it :) Keep up the good work!