Friday, March 27, 2009

Breath. breath. breath.

I am really upset, lots of crazy stuff going on around here.

Can't really talk about it right now.

Looks like J might be living with us again.

I am eating a turkey burger and chip at 10:30 in the morning.

Yeah, I'm freaking over here.

Drinking tension tamer tea, and trying to calm down, because I am getting cramps and it's scary.

Randomly cleaning various odds and ends, wandering aimlessly.

I should say I made a turkey burger and chip that I am apparently too upset to eat.

I do that a lot, I always think the butterflies in my stomach are hunger pains, until I go to put the food in my mouth and can't chew.


Mama said...

Hang in there girl.
Send me an email if you need to release. I got your last one. I am in Texas all week, so have not had a chance to reply, but I am here to listen.

Kat said...

Oh dear. You must try and breath. Must remain calm.
I know. Saying that makes it worse.
I hope this weekend gets much better for you. Hang in there!