Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snuggle time

Snuggle time is my favorite. I love snuggling my boys to sleep. I don't care what others may think, and I have heard it all...I just don't care. Soon they will learn how to go to sleep on there own, but until then I will snuggle them off into dream land just like I always have. In the larger picture this period in time does not last long, not nearly long enough. Soon enough they will be two and learning how to go to sleep on their own. Bubu now has no problem going up to bed, he's had lots of snuggles and bedtime has always been a positive thing. Plus mommy still gives him snuggles sometimes after the babies drift off, if he is still tossing and turning. Other times I don't, I just leave the door open and let him drift off on his own, because I am aware that this is an important thing for children to learn how to do. He just needs a reminder some times that mommy enjoys special snuggle time with him too, even bigger boys need snuggles.

I was thinking last night that bedtime is my favorite time of day (mostly cause I am really tired!). Not just for the quiet, or the peacefulness but because no matter how hectic, or stressful the day was, no matter how wretched the boys may have been, it all melts away as we snuggle together. It's at these moments that my love for them just washes over me, it's such a great reminder and a positive way to end the day. Which can be so needed on the more trying days, like all of the days lately with everything that has been going on and the fact that the boys are experiencing the stir crazy winter time blues.

Bubu always gives me a kiss after stories and before climbing up to bed, then the moment the light turns off and we are all snuggled in he reminds me about prayers. We pray together in the dark and he adds his little bits in here and there, it's so adorable. Then he blows me two more kisses that I have to catch and I do the same for him. He will not settle down until we complete this every night.

I snuggle between the babies on the bottom bunk, Spike wraps his soft little arm around my neck and Atty usually wants me to hold his pudgy little foot (?) or wrap my arm around his tummy and then we all settle down together. Even if a moment earlier the babies were screaming, it all just dissipates, resolves it's self in snugly love. I know these moments will fade way to fast, so for now I treasure them.

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smiles4u said...

Snuggle time is my most favorite time too! We start and end every day with it. It's just part of our routine and it's a beautiful time of peace and closeness. Everyone sleeps in their own beds at night...we have no sleep problems...then early in the morning, as they each wake up, they come crawl in my bed and we have a snuggle fest. No day is the same without this special time before we start our day. I did this with all of my kids. To this day, even my young adult children, when they come home for visits, like to come and lay on my bed and we will just lay there and talk softly. Thank God I have a king size bed!

Glad you have this special time with your children...and you are so right, this time passes all too quickly!