Saturday, December 6, 2008

awesome, super fantastic, kid friendly, cookie party!

I had a cookie party at my house today and it was a lot of fun. I was worried that it would turn out to be a disaster, because it ended up becoming a much bigger get together then I had originally planned. It had started out with me asking one of the Childcare mom if she wanted to make some cookies, and I would make some, and then we could get together and exchange and make some assorted goody bags for Christmas gifts for family and friends. I am trying to do as much hand made as possible, and I am also trying to keep a tight budget this year, so I have to get pretty crafty to cover my bases. She mentioned she was too, so I thought, why not work together...

So any ways it ended up turning into quite a party, turns out lots of mom's are trying to do the exact same thing this year. They all brought there kids, so no one had to get a babysitter and the kids had so much fun playing together in the playroom while we were busy putting together the goody bags. We were going to have the kids decorate sugar cookies, but we ran out of time. You know how you have a time limit before a complete melt down with little kids. It was getting iffy towards the end, so we called it quits while it was still fun. They didn't even miss it, they were having so much fun playing with new friends.

It just means that my boys and the Childcare kids will have lots of Christmas cookies to decorate next week, fun stuff!

There were tons of cookie for the party, we all made about three dozen of a few different types, and made more at the party, so we were able to fill containers and bags to the brim. Some of us used decorative plastic bags, one of the girls use these cute little decorative boxes, and a few people just used coffee tins (recycling at it's best) that they are going to decorate. It only took two hours, and we all chatted and ate snacks, and of course tried each others cookies. Everyone said to include them in next years cookie party so I think that it must have been a big hit for everyone! It was like a play date, only way funner and more productive. Try it with your friends, and have them invite their friends and those friends invite their friends, and you will end up with one awesome, super fantastic, kid friendly, cookie party, I guarantee it!

When everyone left I still had a smile on my face, and I wasn't faking it, that says a lot...

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