Friday, December 12, 2008

Sugar high

Merry Christmas! Keeping the babies off this tree makes me very unholiday like...

I have trees painted on the playroom walls, so I decided to deck them out!

Craziness, the lights go all the way around the other wall too. The kids love it.

We did a fun project this week. We made reindeer gift bags for cookies. Our preschool theme right now is baking and they have been learning about reindeer. So first we made these super cute and easy bags. The kids had a lot of fun doing these, loved getting their hands traced and of course gluing on the red Rudolf nose. Then we made cookies over the course of a few days.
We (meaning I did most of the work) made sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies. I think more frosting ended up being eaten then actually used. Sugar High! Then there are sprinkles, and all kids love sprinkles, A LOT! Sprinkles and glitter are a kids best friend.

"Slowly, slowly, okay that's good, okay wow you are using a lot, careful, slowly, yikes, um okay just dip your cookies in the sprinkles, that works."

So some craft supplies, cooking supplies, and a couple bottles of sprinkles later and we had some super duper gift bags stuffed full with was a lot of fun, and the kids were so proud of themselves. The daycare kids got to bring them home as gifts, and my kids gave them to someone special for Christmas.


Mama said...

Aw you did so good decorating! I love the play room!

Kat said...

Nothing like me yelling at my kids 800 times an hour to get out of the Christmas tree to put me in an unholiday like mood. ;)
WOW! That is an awesome playroom! I'm jealous!

smiles4u said...

I love the reindeer bags! I think I will make them with my little ones this wek. As far as the tree goes, we don't even have decorations on ours yet and they already won't leave it alone. Oh the fun of Christmas!

I love your playroom too. Love the lights going around the room like that...I bet the kids just love that since kids love lights. When I did in home daycare I had a room like that and it was so nice. We did lots of projects like you and remember the fun and patience it took. The daycare I run now is mostly babies so don't do the projects I used to do. I do try to do some with my own little people so will have to try making those bags with them. Thanks for sharing this cute idea.