Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lima beans please

"Oh yeah, Lima beans *squeal* um yum!"

Did my ears just deceive me or did my oldest just squeal in delight at the sight of Lima beans on his plate?

Yes, yes he did.

The boy won't eat cooked Carrots, but he loves him some Lima beans.

He refuses to eat Corn right now, but will chow down on steamed Kale.

Won't touch Celery, but loves Broccoli "trees".

He's a puzzle that one.

Collard greens, "yum", steamed Green Beans, "yes please", Cauliflower, "love it", Bok Choy, "Delicious", Asparagus, "oh yeah".

Do you know what he picked for dinner, when I asked him the other night what sounded good to him? "Rice and Beans and Broccoli". What! Speechless. I mean really, what about fish sticks and fries? I'll even throw in some Lima beans on the side. No, I'm sticking with the red beans and rice with some broccoli mom, thanks...

And not to be out done, his littlest brother last night, threw the biggest fit over wanting more tomato, instead of eating his fish stick and tatter tots! He was coming unglued. Real tears and all!

Yes my go to meal in a pinch, is based off of fish sticks right now...just so you know.

Atty on the other hand balances it all out by rarely, if ever, taking a bite of his veggies with the exception of potatoes...that boy is a MEAT (and potatoes) eater big time, it's almost scary how he can pack it away! We are talking real meat, off the bone, kind of eater.

So I guess if I serve Lima beans, Tomatoes, and some MEAT (fish sticks don't fly with Atty, bummer) for dinner tonight I'll be covering my bases. Dinner at my house anyone?

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Kat said...

I am convinced my three boys are going to eat us out of house and home. Help!
Well, I guess we shouldn't be complaining. It is nice to have good eater, isn't it?