Sunday, December 14, 2008


Beautiful frosted flakes! We had an awesome weekend. Yesterday we went to a really cool place that was all decked out in lights. A winter wonderland of sorts, and it actually started to snow on the way there! First snow of the year, we were all really excited. The place boasted of having over a million light, and they are not kidding! There were train rides (not for real), horse and wagon rides, different themes, treats, the works. Of course I forgot my camera, cause I'm just that lame. We were greeted by a beautiful view of our home when we pulled in the driveway though, so I ran in and got my camera for that.

Today, we played in the snow, and the boys really enjoyed it. We tried to make a snowman, but the snow is that light fluffy kind that just doesn't stick together well, so we gave up and busted out the sleds.

Hubby and I ran around in circles pulling those sleds until I thought I might faint, and the boys were still not ready to call it quits. Atty liked laying down on the sled and staring up at the sky as he flew around the back yard. Bubu and Spike shared a sled and they were so cute together.

I actually got a picture of Hubby smiling!

The boy's noses turned Rudolf, the snot started to run, and I swear their fingers were frozen solid, gloves and all, and they still didn't want to come in.

I roughed it out, but hubby is apparently not as tough as me. I took an uncountable amount of pictures to make up for my lame mistake last night.

Finally they hit the breaking point and we hustled inside for some cozy Christmas jammies, hot cocoa and a movie. We had spent the better half of the day shopping, and the two littlest skipped any sort of formal nap so I am expecting them to crash early. If we can avoid the melt down that usually comes with being overly tired, that would be nice. Either way it's early dinner, early bed time, so that always means more quite time for mommy. Hopefully all that fresh air and exercise will keep them crashed all night long. Wouldn't that make for the perfect weekend!


MGM said...

JEALOUS of the snow! Haven't seen that much since I lived in northern Idaho. *sigh*

Kiki said...

i'm soo jealous too. We have 65 degree weather and you have beautiful snow... Your boys are so adorable!!

Mama said...

I cant believe you got a picture of your hubby smiling!!! I think thats a first. And a real smile with teeth and everything!!! You got more snow than we did. So fun! I love snow so much! But today there is no school....kinda messes up the whole week. Oh well!

smiles4u said...

Sounds and looks like fun. I love those smiling faces...great pictures! When we play out in the snow or outside for that matter, the little people cannot get enough of it so we play and play until I am ready to drop. One good thing is they are so worn out from the playing and cold that they go to bed early and I get some quiet time with huband!
School was canceled here today due to the snow and cold...too cold to play outside today(-11 with -40 wind chill ugh!)!