Thursday, January 22, 2009

Okay, so I really am crazy...

My dear, dear hubby is not working right now, he's laid off, and he is driving me CrAzy!

When he is here during the day he messes up my schedule and seriously makes things more complicated for me. I am trying not to get too evil, but I am border line at best right now. He is having a hard time getting another job, because of the economy, so we could be in for the long haul this time. I don't think I will survive! I have a packed schedule all day, and I really need to be able to do things at a certain time for the most part and he is so clueless. He sits down at the computer when I need to, he starts talking to me when I need to be doing something with the children, the kids and I will be up to our elbows in glue and paint and he will want me to stop and answer a question or help him with some thing, oblivious of what is going on. I swear he is critiquing me, and making little comments about things he doesn't really understand. He gets the kids all riled up when they need to be calming down, oh the list goes on and on. I like to work alone, I need my space, I have to be my own boss, and I don't need one more distraction added to my day.

Most of these obnoxious annoyances happen in the morning, then he goes out into his shop or running around looking for a job, then back in his shop, and doesn't come in until late at night. I am getting less help at night then I was when he was working. That's when I need him here, at the end of the day, when I am burnt out and turning into Super Crazy Mommy (cape and all), not during the day when he is just getting in the way. My days are just all around frustrating right now, I sure hope he gets a job soon.

That being said I do have to give him credit for coming in and helping me straighten up the house last night in preparation for a wild full house day today. He cleaned up the whole kitchen, which is awesome, because dishes are my worse...hate 'um. Especially since I end up doing them All Day Long!

Oh and in other news, Hubby and I are trying for baby number 4! I like even numbers, ha, ha! I am giving myself until my 31st birthday, which is in September, at which time if I am not pregnant, I will be done. We are trying for a girl, don't ask, it's suppose to be possible. Not very fun though. I know, it's really great planning with my hubby being out of work and all, but there never seems to be the perfect moment, and I want the kids to be fairly close together in age. So yah, I sort of made up my mind, as long as I don't think about it too much...


MGM said...

Supposedly it IS possible. It worked for us (to get a girl), but unfortunately I cannot prove it. You gotta know when you are ovulating and then do the "dance" two or three days in advance of that. Sperm can live up to 72 hours once they are released to chase that egg. The faster swimmers are boy sperm and die before the egg is there for them. The slower swimmers and stronger and live longer and they are the girl ones and have a much better likelihood of reaching the egg. Don't do the "dance" at the end of ovulation as that has a much greater likelihood of creating a boy.

This is exactly how we got a girl the first time and a boy the second time. Though I cannot prove it, of course.

Of course, if you've done your research you already know all this. And yet I felt compelled to tell you anyway.

Good luck!

smiles4u said...

You have a lot going on to drive you crazy...or like I say quite often around my house, "all aboard the crazy train"! Good luck in getting pregnant with a need a girl so that you don't stand alone with all those boys!