Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank You Mayor of Whoville

So some time last week Bubu started calling his brother, Spike, a boob head. At first I thought he made this connection from seeing his brother nurse, get it, but then he turned to me yesterday and said this gem "Your such a boob mom." After I got over my initial shock I asked him "Where did you get this from, where did you hear this?" "From Horton, my Horton, Horton do that" he says. What?

Then sure enough I heard the boob reference this morning when he was watching his newest version of the Horton Hears a Who movie (for the one millionth time!). The mayor pleads for Horton to show the people of Whoville what a non-boob he is. Just one short sentence. Bubu picks up on the littlest stuff.

This morning he has told me a few times already that he is a boob now. "I am a boob" he tells me proudly. Good Grief...next it will be a perfect stranger at the grocery store, I can see it now. "Mom that man is such a boob" he will say, pointing his finger at some unsuspecting man and making the statement in a knowing and none to quiet voice at the exact moment that we are passing by the said man, well with in ear shot. I will then melt into a puddle of embarrassment, like I did when he use to shriek with excitement "Dada" at every man he saw. I remember all to well the little old lady at the grocery store looking at me with that "tisk, tisk" look because I had two little ones and a huge belly and wasn't wearing my wedding ring (because it didn't fit) and my child clearly didn't know who his father was. Oh the fun of it all...Thank you mayor of Whoville for giving my child one more thing to embarrass me with.


Mama said...

Aw yes, the embarrasment of children...so fun isnt it?

smiles4u said...

Yep, leave it to kids to pick out the one thing in a movie that you don't want them repeating. I remember years ago, my kids were in the kitchen doing dishes and I was in the other room and then I over hear my daughter call her brother a butt sniffer. I just about flipped out. Then I found out that this was a line in this Disney movie...I think it was Homeward Bound...that she had recently seen. Good grief! And yeah, mine always had a way of saying things out in public so have experienced enough of those "tsk, tsk" moments!

Melody said...

Wow, of all the lines in that whole movie to pick up, he chooses that! Don't worry, in time he'll stop saying it... and probably replace it with something else, equally embarrassing ;) Kade's newest one is, "My daddy has fur ALL OVER his body!" He bestows that lovely nugget of information on many shocked, unsuspecting strangers :) Kids!

MGM said...

AHHHH! I'm TOTALLY cracking up! Thanks for the giggle...I REALLY needed it tonight! That is sooooo funny! And it is so amazing what kids pay attention to and remember. The problem is that when they reach about five they really find certain words and body parts and bodily functions extremely funny and keep repeating them and acting obnoxious over them. Anybody know when this phase FINALLY passes?