Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby steps into the New Year

2009 here we come!

So things are off to a great start I must say.

After two horribly long weeks of no hot water my hubby managed to save the day and get the year kicked off in the right direction. It's a lot easier to be positive when squeaky clean! We almost got into to it over whether or not to call a professional. Sometimes that's all I have to do, utter the unthinkable and it gives him the inspiration, the initiative needed to get the job done. He acts as if my want to call a professional some how makes me a traitor. Apparently he feels as if he must be able to fix everything and know all guy trivia, or it makes him less of a man. I just don't get it. He was seriously wounded that I would even suggest calling a professional technician, how could I even think such a thing? I am thankful that he is such a Jack of all trades, but some times I just wish we could get some one in to fix the problem in a timely manner. Instead of waiting while hubby muddles through it until he figures it out, or as sometimes happens, makes a huge mess of it before admitting it really is out of his hands. All and all it's done and over with and now hot water is once again flowing out of my taps!

So number one, hot water for the New Year. Number two my littlest used the potty all day yesterday. What a great way to start out the New Year. Only a parent can understand the true elation you feel when your child starts using the toilet on a regular basis. I see a glimmer of hope! Ahhhhh...

I don't really do New Years resolutions but I did set some goals and this is my catch phrase for the year ahead, I came up with it while taking a delicious hot bath yesterday. "I will rededicate myself to this mission that God assigned me when he blessed me with these children." I don't know if it makes any sense to anyone else, but it makes sense in my own head. So to start that out I am going to reread some great parenting and child development books and become inspired again. Get out of this slump, pull myself up to where I can get some fresh air and a new perspective. Of course right when I got out of the bath and started taking down Christmas decorations, the boys were getting into everything and I got my first test of the New Year. I flunked. Oh well. Baby steps, I did catch myself, and change my approach in the end. So on second thought I am going to give myself an A for effort. If any one else is interested I am going to put a list of my favorite parenting related book on here, the ones that I am going to reread. If you have a favorite let me know what one it is, I would love to read some new ones too.

Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen

Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World by H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen

Parents Please Don't Sit On Your Kids by Clare Cherry (isn't that such a funny title)

Raising a Thinking Child by Myrna Shure

Raising Kids with Character by Elizabeth Berger

The title of this book always annoyed me, It's Not That Complicated by Doug Peine, but it is actually a good read.

Anyways I have lots more favorites, but I'll stop there. It's not as easy to read now days with all the constant distractions.

Actually there is one more book that's worth mentioning, for moms with boys, called Raising Boys. It's a really fantastic read, but I can remember the authors name.

Okay so now I really will stop. I love reading can you tell? I just need to put into practice this year what I read.

So goals set, catch phrase repeated in head when needed, I am set. Using baby steps, New Year here I come!


Melody said...

I'm so glad you finally have hot water! Hot water is one of those things I tend to take for granted until it's gone. Great start to the New Year! And that's awesome about Spike :) He must be trying to keep up with his bigger brothers! The day kids start using the potty is cause for celebration!!
I LOVE your catch phrase! I might borrow it from you and write it down somewhere where I see it often. It totally makes sense to me, and it's something I really need to work on too. Is the Raising Boys book you're talking about by Steve Biddulph? That is a great one. Happy New Year! :)

smiles4u said...

Hot water is always a great thing to be happy about and definetly a good way to start out the year with! Having a child start using the potty is definetly a step in the right direction.
I really love your new phrase! It makes perfect sense to me. I hope it's okay that I borrow it for myself.
As far a reading parenting tons of books over the last 28 years but most recently read the Love and Logic for early childhood by Jim and Charles Fay. I got this book at the suggestion of my one daughter who is a counselor at a behavior unit at a hospital, for children and teens and they use the principles from the Love and Logic books. This book is pretty close to how I already try to parent(using reality discipline)and it was pretty good.

Another book that I have been reading or at least trying to read is Common Sense Parenting(Toddler and Preschool edition) by Bridget Barnes and Steven York. It is based on the Girls and boys town program. So far, what I have read has been good.

It seems whenever I set the resolve to do something or be better at something, more challanges or what I like to call "opportunities" for growth on my part seem to arise. It seems like I flunk a lot of tests before I actually pass one. Baby steps is what it's all about for me. Putting into practice those ideals that I want to achieve is harder then I think their going to be.

I think the fact that you want to keep learning how to be a good parent is awesome and commendable.

Hope and pray for many blessing for you and your family in 2009!

Lisa said...

Love your page. :) Yay for hot water and potties!! love the catch phrase reminds me of just two weeks ago when we dedicated Caleb at church, that is exactly how I felt. Our children are a gift from do we treat such wonderful gifts? We have a great responsibility to raise them FOR Him. You'll do great...through all your posts, that's one thing I see, a very dedicated and loving Mom!!