Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tag your it

So I've been tagged by MGM at Momma's Gone Mad. Since I grew up in the stone ages and just started this blogging thing I was a little intimidated by being tagged, not to mention what the heck is a meme? Anyways regardless of my ignorance on said subject I think I have figured out the assignment. The instructions didn't quite make sense to me either.

Here are the instructions;

1. Go to your documents file.
2. Go to the sixth file.
3. Go to the sixth picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag six friends to do the same.

So I went to my documents, but the sixth file is not a picture file, so I went to my picture file, then went to the sixth file in there and picked the sixth picture. Seemed close enough to me. So here goes. Assignments always make me nervous.


This picture is from this past May, right before Juicy baby's first birthday, when we were in the middle of moving to the new house. I was packing up the kitchen and both babies were unpacking, it was a lot of fun. Spike spied this pan and climbed right in. It was the perfect fit and I just had to snap a picture. I am always telling him he is juicy enough to eat so I guess he took me literally. Oh man I miss his baby face and all those rolls. My ovaries are crying out to me. Don't look to close at the chaos around him in this picture, we were moving after all and it was crazy! Three boys two and under with a weekend in which to move almost everything! Plus I ran my old daycare all the way up until the Friday before we moved. Aaahhhh, such pleasant and relaxing memories.

Anyways now I am suppose to tag six friends (do I have six friends?), so here goes.

1. Melody at Treasures Under The Willow Tree
2. Mama at It's Me...
3. smiles4you at My Life Interrupted
4. Lisa at I'm At Home
5. Anyone else who feels like participating
6. Um yeah, I don't have six friends, never was one to have a lot of friends ;)

Can't wait to see your picture finds! I just LoVE pictures.


Melody said...

What a cute picture! Very yummy :) Thanks for tagging me! I will do it, but I think I have even less friends than you... I don't suppose I can tag you again? lol

Mama said...

oh my friend, i just saw your comment on Megans blog, you are tagged with the house pictures! Got get um tiger!