Wednesday, January 28, 2009

living in limbo land

Well I have been through a wide range of emotions the past few days, and now I am at a loss as to how I should be feeling.

Friday I took a pregnancy test, the line kind, and it said negative. Sunday I took one in the morning, the kind that says pregnant or not pregnant, and it said pregnant. Then I took another one that afternoon and it said not pregnant. Then the next morning, not pregnant. Then I bought the line kind again and took one Tuesday and there was the faintest second line, like you almost had to use your imagination faint. I took one first thing this morning which is suppose to be the best time to take one, and I got the same result, the faintest almost not there second line. Last month I got my period on either the 27th or the 28th, I think, so if I am getting it is should be here any day now. I have one more test and I am going to try and wait until the end of this month and if I still don't have my period, I will take that test. Except I am obsessive, if you can tell, and I'm probably going to take it tomorrow morning, because I can't help myself.

Don't you think if I was pregnant I would be getting a more positive result from the tests as the days go by. It makes no sense. I know it is early to be testing, but I knew I was pregnant right away with Spike, and I took a test 19 days after conception, and got a positive result, and I feel the same way this time around. Spike was born exactly 9 months after conception, to the day! Maybe I was pregnant, but it's not going to work this time around. I know this kind of stuff happens for a reasons, but I really wish now that I hadn't taken any tests and never got that positive result. That's the one that is driving me crazy.

I have to figure out something to take my mind off of this, any suggestions?


Kat said...

When I was pregnant with my first I took the test way too early. You are supposed to actually MISS your period before you take the tests. However, I couldn't wait. I took the test a few days later and it was positive.

If you already got a couple positive tests then you are most likely pregnant and those tests are more sensative than the others. In my experience First Response always give the earliest results.

I think you are pregnant. So let me be the first to congratulate you.
Congratulations!!!! :)

Mama said...

Oh you are obsessive! I was too...wait a few more days, then take another one. I took one when I was trying for Caymus and it said negative, so then i just went about my business for a month or so. I felt funny so I took another one and it was positive. Come to find out I had already been preggers with the first test.
In the mean time...start getting caught up on everything you have been putting off. Because if it is positive, your going to really have your hands full in a few months!!!