Thursday, October 9, 2008

The things kids say.

I gave the kids grape juice (juice is rare in our house) with snack yesterday and Bubu took a sip then he looked at me and said "this makes my head feel funny". So random. His vocabulary has been exploding lately, and he has been experimenting with feeling words and describing things. He has come up with some amazing stuff. He is such a copy cat too, which is scary. Seeing yourself mirrored in your child can be a humbling experience. A few days ago I heard him scolding his brother, he got down really close to him and said in a deep serious voice "you look at me" then he growled " stop or go to time out" with this horrible scowl on his face. He wanted his brother to stop getting into something, it didn't really have anything to do with him, but he has taken on the big brother role with all seriousness. And I saw me in his behavior, talk about eye opener! Lately he tells his brothers that they are driving him nuts, which is a saying he has coined from his daddy. He has also figured out that telling mommy she is beautiful gets him good results. I mean who can be grumpy when their three year old is looking into their eyes and saying with all earnestness, "your beautiful mommy" with a soft pat on the cheek. Oh I am a sucker! But, in all fairness, it works on his daddy too, which is a funny thing to watch.

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