Sunday, October 5, 2008

So I finally started a blog!

Now that this is the last thing I should be spending time on, I have decided to give it a try. The boys and I are all really excited about the upcoming holidays. Halloween is right around the corner and then comes my favorite, Thanksgiving, yummy! This year for Halloween Bubu who is now three years old, wants to be spider man, while the littlest, my Juicy baby (16 months) points to all the dog costumes and I can't tell what Atty (20 months) wants to be, but we all think he would make an excellent monkey. Considering he climbs on everything, gets into everything and wants to eat banana's he make a very convincing monkey sound! The boys are a handful but also so much fun. I can hardly believe how busy my life is these days, and it makes time fly just a little to fast! I spotted more grey hairs the other night then I am even willing to admit, and have since then gone to the store and invested in some good 'ol hair dye, I'm all about masking old age!

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