Monday, October 6, 2008

my love

Love A cozy moment.

Atty squishing daddy.

A baby Atty and Daddy Boys at the fair, Juicy's hidding in the backpack... Juicy and his daddy on his first birthday.
Family fun at the beach.
Daddy and his boys.

Our family on the front steps of our new house.
A baby Bubu and daddy.
higher daddy higher!
A sleepy daddy and a sleepy newborn Juicy baby.
Favorite recent picture, beautiful blue eyes!

I love the above picture of my honey-baby. He is even cuter then the day we met, and that's saying a lot! He is such a wonderful daddy to our children and a hard working husband. I know I don't tell him enough how much I appreciate all that he does. I can not imagine my life with out him. He got up at 4 am this morning and has to commute almost 2 hours to a job site that he is hoping to get hired at, because the job he has been at is almost finished. He doesn't want to get on the union waiting list, because right now it is a long wait, mostly because the economy is slowing down. If he gets this job, he will leave the house at 5 am and not get home until around 7:30 pm! Working 4 tens if he's lucky, probably more then that, which I don't know that I would be able to handle, but he is always ready, willing and actually hoping for it, because it's good money and he is always wanting to make things better for us. I some times get teary seeing him with his boys, knowing that he didn't have a dad around when he was growing up, I often wonder how he so instinctively knows how to be that father figure for his own boys. I do not have good memories of my father and I am so thankful that through my husband our children will have wonderful memories of theirs. My husband and I waited a long time before having our first son, Bubu, and now I can't imagine life with out them all. Although on the rough days I sometimes think we didn't wait long enough! It is wild how many different fazes a relationship goes through if you are with a person long enough. In June my husband and I celebrated the 14th anniversary of the day we met. The day we met someone had mentioned that a boy was coming over (with a most unusual name) and I should stay and met him. I heard his name and knew that I would not be leaving until I saw this boy, and the moment he walked in the room, I was in love. That very moment. There was something about him, I was drawn to him like a magnet. I could barely breath I was so head over heals. Some time that summer we were sitting together in a field of grass, and there were daisy's growing next to us and I told him that daisy's were my favorite flower and he pick some and gave them to me and told me he was the daisy king, and I decided right then and there that I was going to be his daisy queen. The rest of that summer I had butterflies in my stomach and looked forward to every moment I could be near him. Of course it took him a little bit longer to realize he couldn't live with out me, but he got there eventually...and he has said it was all because no matter were he was and who he was with he couldn't stop thinking about me. He was my first everything and the only man I have ever been in-love with. I have often wondered why we are so strongly drawn to each other. I know think it is because we were meant to have these beautiful children. I think in the end it won't be the story of my husband and I that will be remembered, it will be our children's.


Lisa said...

Great Blog! I too am new to this, a stay-at-home-mom, and have many many other things I should be doing instead of blogging! But it's an outlet I now realize I need. Good luck with yours, and congrats on a happy life!

Lisa said...

I am sort of addicted to finding more SAHM stories! It really helps confirm for me, that staying at home with my kids is the right decision for my family. I also used to have an in-home daycare, so that's cool that you are doing that! I sort of got burnt out, my house is VERY tiny, and as my older two grew, our "own" space was beginning to be hard to find. My husband owns his own small contracting company, and works very hard to support us, doing so each day with a smile on his face. Sounds like you and your hubby are quite in love, that's awesome. :) Hope you don't mind me getting wordy, its just nice to talk to someone that can relate to so much of what do! Other blogs that I like are ones where people cook and take pics of the process, and post the end results too. That's cool, and I'm thinking I want to try that, at least with one post! have a great day, wherever you may be....I may have read your location, not sure. :) ~Lisa

Mama said...

This is a great story of you 2! And to think I was there! I do remember that summer.....sooooo long ago. I am so proud of both of you for where you came from and where you are today. Yours is a story to be shared.
Love to all of you!