Tuesday, October 28, 2008

no not THE "F" WORD

So yesterday during preschool we started a new letter, the letter F. As part of the learning process we were talking about words that start with the letter F, like fish and frog, fence and fire. We went through some Flashcards with pictures of items that start with the letter F, then wandered the house collecting items that started with the letter F and putting them in our letter box. As we are doing this, I am confirming with them that yes that is an F word or no that doesn't start with the letter F. So flash forward, an hour or so and a child is being dropped off for care. All the other children are greeting him, his mom is putting his stuff in his cubby, and Atty grabs a frog from the letter box and hands it to the child. At that very moment Bubu yells out "F word" were as the mom whips her head around and stares at my son, then turns her quizzical gaze to me. I am left stammering, "um yes that is an 'F' word, frog"

I pretty sure for a moment she was wondering
what kind of a preschool I was running!

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MGM said...

We are a homeschooling family and had this exact thing happen at our house a couple years ago. I left Dear Husband with the kids while I was away for the day at a conference. I assigned him to work on an "F collage" with our 3 year old daughter (she is precocious).

When I got home she was excited to inform me that she "learned some f words today!"