Monday, October 27, 2008

mischievous pixie

My littlest is not a human, he is a mischievous pixie. He is always up to some sort of quiet naughtiness, but he is so cute about it that he often goes unpunished. It is no mystery why he gets naughtier by the minute. He is amazingly good at making it look like his brothers "did it" and that he in fact is entirely innocent. I am becoming painfully aware that I am being bamboozled, that he is in all actuality the mastermind behind the plot. How did he do it? How did he manage to get use all wrapped around his tiny pudgy little finger is such a sort period of time? It's his smile, his laughter, his cute little fish kissy face he makes when I am trying desperately to scold him in all seriousness. I am a sucker. He melts me. My tough, no nonsense mommy facade crumbles when I look into his big blue eyes, his eyebrows knitted together, he stares back at me and nods his head as if he is actually taking me seriously. It ends with me feeling guilty because obviously this child has repented right?

*Then he sneaks off to pinch the oldest
and point to the middle as I run to the rescue.*

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MGM said...

I always say "It's a good thing they're cute." God did that for a reason, right? So we would melt into a pile of mushy lovey dovey forgiveness in the face of their transgressions.

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