Tuesday, October 21, 2008

communication is a wonderful thing.

Interesting tid-bit of information, Bubu just informed me that boogers taste like apple. Just in case you were wondering.

Atty just recently started saying Mama, he's been a late talker, but has been making up for that in the recent weeks. Once he realized that shaking his head yes or no, opened new doors, he started communicating verbally too. So any ways, I had to go to the doctor last night because I haven't been feeling well, I was gone for hours, walk-in clinics suck, and when I pulled into the drive way, there was Atty staring out the window, and his face just lit up when he realized it was me, I could hear him saying "mama, mama" as I got out of the van, and he was pointing out the window at me, all excited. Right when I opened the door he lunged at me and wrapped his arms around my leg and snuggled in. It was really heart warming. I said to him "did you miss mama?" and he looked up at me and shook him head yes, raised his arms and said "up" clearly for the first time. too cute, so of course I picked him up! Being able to communicate is a wonderful thing.

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