Monday, October 13, 2008

Picking Pumpkins

Bubu likes the green ones :)
Cute pumpkin pose
Cute pumpkin pose.
Scary pumpkin pose. We woke Atty up from a nap and he wasn't interested in cute pumpkin poses. He also hasn't been feeling well, so sad.
Juicy's got an eye for perfect pumpkins!
Pumpkin patch family.
My lovely boys.
Atty just wanting to be snuggled.
It was a beautiful day and the boys didn't really need hats, I'm just a freak about bundling up the boys. Drives them crazy. In all fairness it was a cold morning, but had warmed up considerably by the time we hit the pumpkin patch.
My juicy littlest, such a doll. He had a lot of fun getting to wander around the pumpkin field for the first time.

Atty in a much better mood, almost his busy little self again, ready to pick out pumpkins, now that we have left the pumpkin patch!
Picking up pumpkins. He liked the really round ones and was calling them balls, almost threw a few, yikes!
Boys liked the chickens. So at this pumpkin farm there was suppose to be a "petting zoo" which actually consisted of two donkey in a pen, that didn't want you to pet them, two pigs in a pen you couldn't touch and some chickens in a pen. Not exactly a petting zoo. But the boys didn't seem to mind, they were just excited to see animals there. It was over all a really nice place. There were hayrides, train rides (not on a track, on wheels), face painting, food, a bouncy house, a huge field of pumpkins, a store with lots of goodies, a corn maze, and I think a few other things too. We didn't do a lot, because most of the other stuff required money, and we are practicing frugal living (well not really, but trying anyways) We have actually found quite a lot of fun things to do around here that don't cost much, just takes a little research. It's fun finding new favorite spots to go as a family. I'm glad we moved here. We went to a drive-in movie theater Saturday night, two movies and only the adults had to pay, and then only 6 bucks! There doesn't seem to be many drive-ins left. It was a lot of fun, and it's about the only way we can take the kids, at least for now. They just can't sit in chairs that long. In the van they were unable to bug any one else but us. And we are use to it! Plus they fell asleep by the 2nd movie, yeah!
Sitting on the pumpkins. Bubu wanted to push the wheel barrel, but he found out it was just a tiny bit to heavy.
All my favorite boys, J actually sat for a picture! We had a lot of fun with him this weekend. We miss him so much now that he is living with his mom again. The weekend wasn't long enough. When we went to pick him up Bubu was so excited, he kept saying "Cars get out of the way, we are getting uncle J." and "I'm so excited!" and the good 'ol saying "Are we there yet?" That last one was cute the first couple times, but it is an hour long drive, so it got a little tiresome after a bit. J lived with us for a long time, well over 6 years, but recently moved back in with his mom, and we are still adjusting to that. Any ways, it was a great day in the pumpkin patch and we found the perfect pumpkins to carve, bring on the fun!

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