Saturday, October 11, 2008

An attempt at shopping for costumes with the boys.

So I decided to take the boys shopping for Halloween costumes, by myself, I knew my dear lovely husband didn't want to go, or was it because he didn't have time, or maybe because he is against all holidays (and I am only kind of kidding). What ever the reason, I was convince that it had to be done that very minute so I pack up the boys and away we went to Target. Now when shopping with three little boys, three and under, you must have a way to keep them confided. I mean there is no humanly possible way to chase three little boys in three different directions. They are pretty good at listening when not distracted by all the various enticing things there are to get into at a store. Who can blame them, it's paradise for a curious mind. So on this particular trip I put the babies in the double stroller and had Bubu walk, because he listen well for the most part. I hate having to search for the double carts, which by the way people with out a lot of kids should not be allowed to use! Everything went alright, but we couldn't find Bubu the Spider man outfit he craves, so I promised him we would check at Party City. I did find the cutest Pug dog outfit that Juicy just loved so we got the biggest size in that one. Then off we went to Party City which was in the same parking lot so we just walked on over. Okay so I should have known when the stroller wouldn't fit comfortably through the isles that I should have booked it out of there, but Bubu so wanted the outfit and I so wanted to be done with the costume shopping well ahead of Halloween, so we crammed our way down the isle and found the one we were looking for on the back wall, but, it's just a picture of the outfit, you have to take a number and then wait for someone to get it out of the back and the line was LONG! So I attempt to wait with the boys, but the babies start to get restless and I soon ran out of interesting things to show them. Then Atty enters, center stage, temper time! He starts throwing the biggest fit, and his are something to see. His face scrunches up, gets bright red, he arches his back and flails around and hollers as loud as he can, screaming and yelling, it's really dramatic. He is a red head after all and doesn't want to disappoint. Totally embarrassing. There is obviously no reasoning with him, and he wasn't quiting anytime soon, so after wasting 15 minute (which may not sound like a long time to you, but is an eternity when you are trying to keep things under control with three active little boys in a store full of goodies) we had to turn around and try to fight our way back down the isle to leave. Mind you I get lots of unwanted stares, and annoying comments, already for having three (cute) little boys so close in age, but this time everyone, and I am not kidding, everyone was staring at us, mortifying! By the time we got back out onto the sidewalk I was sweating, and burnt out and we still didn't have a Spider man costume. Bubu was being sweet about it, which just made it worse, because then I really wanted to get it for him instead of going home (which is what I should have done). So off to Walmart we go. Why Walmart? I have no idea. This time I had enough of the double stroller, so I decided to give in and use one of those big carts that you can fit a couple kids in. Since there just happened to be one right next to were we parked I figured it was meant to be (boy did I figure wrong!). I get the babies buckled in, put Bubu in the basket part and in we go. We find the Spider man costume right away, and I was thinking things were looking up, but it was in the wrong size. So I look and look for a bigger size, going as fast as I can to try to avoid another melt down, and there just isn't a bigger size. So then I decide that I can't bare another wasted trip and I go to look for some shoes for Atty, being as he needed a pair that fit, but along the way Atty decided enough was enough and started to pitch again. He starts arching his back, and the buckles that are suppose to keep them safe and in the cart just pop open (I am at Walmart after all)! So I stop and try to cram him back in while he flailing around, and I get it buckled again. Which works for about a second. So it's time to go, wasted trip and all. Problem is now I am at the back of the store and I need to get to the front with out Atty launching his way out of the cart and he is determined at this point to do just that, he is in the middle of one of his best performance to date. I can't pick him up and carry him out while still pushing this huge cart with the other two whom I consider angel in comparison at this point. I know you're not suppose to compare, but can you blame me at that very moment! So I try to block him with my body and hustle out of there. I thought it was horrible the stares at the other store, now multiply that, and in retrospect it was nothing to the eyes on us as we exit our last and final stop. Of course as soon as we enter the fresh air of the outdoors, performance over. That is almost more frustrating then him screaming all the way home. So home we go, pull into the driveway and a sense of relief washes over me, home at last. It's been all of about 2 1/2 hours, and I am drained! So I am thinking, well at least we got one outfit, not a totally wasted trip. Go to try it on him, and you guessed it, doesn't fit! Frustrating! But what can you do, I know what I did, I poured my self a glass of wine, because I deserved it, and called my best friend so we could have a laugh about it. I mean when you've got 3 boys to raise there is no since getting bitter about these things (although I have to admit I was saying some choice words in my head on the way home). In the big picture though, it's just one of many adventures to come, and it's certainly not the worse 2 1/2 hours I have had with the boys (yes I have had worse). I did end up relying on another good friend who just happens to be a thrift store wonder, to find me some adorable outfits for the boys, and she never disappoints. Bubu got his Spider man outfit after all, Juicy got the cutest dog costume and Atty got a tiger outfit (getting it on him is another story!). So the message in this story for me is, don't forget to rely on your best of friends, cause you can't always be Superwomen. It takes some good girlfriend to keep my sanity and I am lucky I've got a few!

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Mama said...

Wow! I dont really know what else to say! That is a great story! You have to have a good sence of humor to deal with the crazyness. :-)