Sunday, October 30, 2016

Summer snapshots

Mr. Man :)

The kids get a stay up night once a week where they get to stay up an hour later than their siblings. We started it as a way for Banden to establish himself as the oldest, there were some sibling power struggles rearing an ugly head between him and Ira... and it really helped. Also he needed some special alone time to help deal with some behavioral issues that were going along with the power struggles. Then when Atty and Ira got to the same age they got their stay up night too and now four times a week I get a special hour with one of them. :) They really look forward to it. Leiella finally got her night, this October, and she was so excited! We did it a year earlier for her because it's hard to be the littlest and have to wait so long for everything. Honestly I wish we had started it earlier. Banden doesn't really need to stay up later than the others anymore because the issue was resolved and the alone time itself really works! Although I often do let him stay up a wee bit later, which I can tell means a lot to him. 

Over the summer the boys liked going on walk on their stay up nights. Usually down to our favorite river spot. Great way to exercise and so relaxing! Fun way to spend time together.

Cherries from our tree!

Chocolate covered cherries and strawberries made by Ira! Both from our garden! He has plans of one day owning a chocolate business called Farmtastic chocolate. That we will run on our farm and use fresh ingredients from said farm. He has a journal he jots ideas and recipes down in. Does research. Takes the whole thing very seriously! 

Ryder got me a fountain for Mother's day and we got it all set up in the perfect spot. :)

Garden just beginning to grow. 

Silly girl!!!

Helping me dry cherries. She loves being my helper, I will cherish it while it lasts!

Leiella loves writing notes and leaving them around for us to find. She also likes making special pictures for people and cards. The girl just loves expressing herself through drawing and writing! I love finding her little notes.

Tomatoes all planted up!

Father's day!

Daisies in the dark. I look forward to this every year. How the whole garden just glows in the dark.

Brothers, the best of friends.

Let the drying begin. :)

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