Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Still more photo memories...

Foraging for salmon berries!

Our favorite river spot. The kids and I walk down here often, no matter what time of year! :)

She finally caught an itty-bitty cricket! :)

My anti-inflamation honey mix! Before it's mixed up, ha ha! We all love it and it really seems to help Banden! It's just good stuff all around. :)

Cooks in the kitchen. :)

:) The kids were able to take Tae kwon do at the learning center last school year and Leiella loved it. Sadly they don't offer it any more. Hopefully when her schedule allows it we can get her back in.

The little boy I watch just loves baseball and got to go to one of Ira's games. It was the sweetest thing ever!

Ryder has been trying to get into yoga and one morning he had all the kids doing it with him, so adorable! Yes that is a bed in our playroom, ha ha! It's not there anymore but the kids had a blast while it was there... :D

Perks of homeschooling.

We had the sweetest chickadee family this year! They raised their babies in one of our nesting boxes. We got to watch the parents teach their babies how to eat. They would fly to the feeder and grab some food and fly to the baby and feed them. They did this over and over again until the baby flew to the feeder on their own. It was a really cool thing to witness!

Ira turned nine!!!

We went camping on Ira's birthday, and since Ryder and I have an anniversary the very next day we also renewed our wedding vows on the same weekend. We took the kids to the exact same spot we got married and camped in the same campground. It was a wonderful and emotional weekend. That will have to be a separate post! :)

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Kat said...

Those berries look delicious! Makes me miss summer already.
I love the bed in the playroom. I think that is a great idea! I bet the kids loved snuggling on it. My kids would love that. Also, what a fantastic playroom!
Chickadees are my favorite. They are so tiny and cute. And brave! I bet Atty (he is the bird lover, right?) LOVED watching that family.
It blows me away how grown up your kids are looking. And you haven't even gotten to any fall pictures yet. Yikes!