Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Filling in the gaps continued...

More time in pictures.

Leiella writing and then singing her own song. It was the sweetest. I was spying on her through the kitchen window. :)

Big book of mushroom knowledge.

All the rest of these photos are from a trip we took in late spring 2016 for my brother's birthday. We went to the Olympic Peninsula. We camped in a cabin at an awesome KOA. We went to this really cool place called Olympic Game Farm. We drove through and feed animals, including buffalo. They were huge! It was a blast. :)

Waiting to get on the ferry. Which ended up taking over 5 hours! We didn't know that you needed to make a reservation in order to get right on. :/ It was miserable! I hadn't packed a lunch because I had planned on being at the camp by then. We snacked on what I could scrounge up and we were able to pass most of the time on the beach, so that was nice. We were so hungry and burnt out by the time we made it to camp (which was another hour or so after getting off the ferry) and then I got to make dinner in the dark... Thankful things got better from there. :)

Finally on the ferry!

All the boys at the top!

Leiella was so upset that she didn't get to go to the top with them, so Ryder climbed back up with her. :)

Atticus and his cousin, they have a special red-headed bond. ;)

Can you spot the girl? She's a mountain goat. I love this picture so much!

My furry little four legged babies.

BIG trees here!!!

So exhausted, ha ha!

Waiting for the ferry back. This one we got a reservation for. :)

It was a great trip!

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Kat said...

Wow! What an amazing camping trip. And a gorgeous area! Yowsa!