Monday, October 31, 2016

More summer fun wrapped up in pictures!

More summer time fun, mostly in pictures.

We got together with Ryder's little sister for our yearly summer time visit. Great time, kids got to play with cousins and that's always a blast! My little sister also met up with us there because we were meeting down closer to where she lives right now. 

My beautiful little sister.

Ryder's sister took these great pictures of Ryder and I. Some of my favorites to date!

Ira decided that since Teresa has a birthday his beary-bear should too. So happy birthday beary-bear!

I transplanted my rhubarb because it wasn't doing well and now it's huge!

Leiella decided she wanted to do a rock sale, ha ha!

More work done on the total laundry room make over. :) Everything freshly painted.

Leiella and I used henna on our hair! I was embracing the silvers and loving it but someone gave me henna so I decided to go for it. I use to henna my hair all the time! This time around Leiella really wanted to try it with me so I figured why not. :)

We ended up discovering an ant infestation while redoing the laundry room. The deck wasn't done right apparently which was allowing rain to just run down and sit and rot out the wood on the side of the house! Very frustrating for a carpenter to discover! He can't believe anyone would make such a huge error! So our project took a little detour as he redid flooring and boards under the house and siding, etc... Something we totally weren't expecting or budgeting for. Such is homeownership. Sigh.
We used diatomaceous earth to get rid of the ants and it seemed to work really well. But it took a few days and lots of reapplication.

Just a random dress up day. :) Happens a lot over here.

Monday Fun Day!

Not sure what the deal is with this. It's on the side of the trail to the beach and it appears that people take items from the beach and leave them there, as you are not suppose to take anything home with you. Not sure who started that, probably a desperate mom who was trying to stop a tantrum. ;) Anyways Leiella really wanted to leave stuff there after spotting it on the way down. She collected up a few things and carried them back with her. It was cute.

The kids have been really into helping me make meals and even making meals on their own. It's been great! :)

Banden and I at a class. :)

When we got home from the class it happened to be a really hot day so Ryder and the other kids had built this huge blanket fort over the whole deck! Ha ha!

My favorite. Snuggles with my furry girls.

All fancy at a birthday party.

The boys all have their own bed but rarely do they sleep in them alone. Ha ha! They prefer a puppy pile!

Found a garter snake on one of our walks! The kids were so excited!

Atty collects feathers. :)


The little boy I nanny for loves all things construction so he was super excited that they were working on the dike across from the river! :)

Me and my girl. :)

Big hand, little hand. I love this so much.

Fancy again! This girl is a regular ol' fancy Nancy!

My regular helper. She is totally a party planner and helped plan a summer party this year! It was a blast! She honestly did most of the planning and prep. She's pretty good!!!

Yearly rock picture, summer 2016

Atticus 9, Banden 10, Leiella 6, Ira just barely 9

I couldn't pick between the two, ha ha! They are almost identical rock pictures but there were slight differences in the kids facial expressions. I wish I could put both the pictures together to make the perfect one! :)

Ira was being the sweetest big brother. He stuck by Leiella as she insisted on going up on this log and out over the beach. Then he stood under her, I'm assuming to catch her if she fell, ha ha! He doesn't get to play the big brother except with her, so I think he treasures it. ;)

I couldn't believe they went out in this water, it was chilly! I tried wading in it and I only got to mid calf, ha ha! I'm a wimp though. ;)

I'd rather sit on the beach and dig my toes into the warm rocks. :) And read. And listen to the waves and the laughter and babble of my children.

We spent the day playing all over Washington park waiting for Ryder (above pictures are from the beach there). Once again we needed to get a camping spot early but poor Ryder still had to work. So I took the kids and got everything set up. Banden had asked for a camping trip of his choice at Christmas last year so we finally got that done. :) Leiella asked for the same thing and we got that done as well. It was fun seeing what they each picked as the ultimate spot. ;)

One of our favorite camping games. We were missing a checkers piece but that didn't stop us! Hence the chess piece on the game board. ;)

Leiella figures that you can still be glamorous while camping. I on the other hand figure it's an excuse to be anything but!

Huge feather find! He gave it to his feather loving brother. :)

We took the kids on an awesome hike around a lake while camping, that Ryder and I went on when we had a weekend away. They had been looking forward to it since we told them about it. Sadly it wasn't the nicest day but we still had a wonderful time!

We plan on coming back on a warm day next year and swimming in this lake!

Huge artist conk find!!!

Always on the look out for heart shaped rocks.

Relaxing next to my love.

I don't even know why! Weird and silly kids!!!

Finally got my mom to cut her hair the way I wanted and it looks great on her! Shorter in the back, longer in the front, cute little bob. I also convinced her to let her silvers shine a while back and the duo is dynamic! :) We all had a girly date and got hair cuts together. But my mom felt a bit tricked because Leiella and I just got trims where as she got a dramatic make over, ha ha!

Now I'm caught up with pictures on my computer. Phew! Time to down load the pictures from my phone to finish up the year to date!

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More lovely pictures!
That pic of Leila looking off to the side with the flowers in her hair? WOW! She is a gorgeous little princess!
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