Monday, October 31, 2016


Atty got to go on an awesome birding adventure with some experts! We all had a blast! Well until Leiella got attacked by hornets and got stung 8 times! Poor dear. She sat down practical on top of their nest. Thankfully I had my first aid pack on hand with lots of good natural remedies and we also found some plantain near by that really did the trick. That was sort of the end of the trip. I did get to carry a tired toddler back in a sling and a big girl on my hip. Because when she cried he decided he should cry too. And when I carried her he decided I should carry him too. I got my work out!

Spotting birds! This gentleman is so sweet. He volunteers at the community garden with us and it was him and his wife we went with. The kids really look forward to seeing him weekly during the gardening season. :)

Taking a break. :)

Atty had such a blast being with people who spoke his language! They really spotted some amazing birds, some of which Atty hadn't spotted in the wild before! The couple brought this really cool telescope on a stand that made bird spotting really awesome. :)

Since it was summer and during the week I had both the boys I nanny for with us, so the walk didn't last as long as it could have. Well that and Leiella getting stung cut it short. I know Atty could have lasted much longer! I wish I had figured out a few more walks with knowledgeable people for him over the summer. We did a lot of bird spotting on our outings but I don't really know much about it so it was more for fun not really super educational. Atty though really is a fountain of bird knowledge at this point, from all his bird books! :)

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