Sunday, October 30, 2016

More photos of summer fun

More summer fun!

Friday Creek has become a new favorite summer spot. 

So I will briefly explain the shaved heads. Lice. Yes, lice. Finally hit our house. Sigh.
I was hoping that because we are a homeschooling family and my kiddos haven't ever been in daycare that we would be lucky enough to skip that particular plague. Since we try to stick to all natural it was easier to shave the boys and only have Leiella's hair to tend with. I almost cut all of her hair super short but she was devastated at the idea, since she's been trying to grow it out. So I stuck it out, using all natural treatments and a nit comb. It was horrid but we survived and because I attacked my house with a vigor (I pack stuff up in bags, threw stuff away, used the drier non-stop, washed, cleaned, washed, cleaned, washed, cleaned, etc...) we got rid of it fairly quickly. Hopefully never to be seen again!!!
At least the shaved heads weren't questioned in the summer time. We were in lock down until all was clear, but still, not something I wanted to explain over and over again.

Love this face!

Searching for treasures.

My man.

I love that he still sleeps with his ducka-ducka!

Ira rocking the crocheting! He also learned how to knit this year!

Stay up night with the oldest. 

Red clover harvesting.

Red clover baby. ;) Plus wild camomile and pineapple weed. We scored big on this trip.

My kids have discovered the wonder of plantain and are all about it! We have learned that there just nothing quite like it for a hornet or bee sting. It looks gross but it works! Leiella got stung so many times this last summer, poor thing!

Berry foraging.

Teresa's birthday, July 4th. I'll never understand why Leiella picked that day for her doll's birthday. Oh and don't dare call her a doll in front of Leiella, that thing is real! She remembered again that it was Teresa's birthday and made sure we made it something special. She's a true party planner that girl.

She made her such a adorable card and the weekend before she picked out a little plush horse for her. Because of course Teresa's loves horses too. :)

You can't really tell but there were a bunch of birds on this old tree and they sounded so pretty!

We went on a fun 4th of July walk. 
They discovered a conk and were showing Ryder that you can get the pollen off and eat it. Ryder gets such a kick out of his homeschooled children and the many different things they find wonderful, ha ha!

Getting old together.


Our neighbors put on a seriously good show! Huge fireworks!!!

The little boy I watch loves trains. Our favorite spot at the river has the best train spotting view!!! He gets so adorably excited. :)

Warming up, ha ha!

Another stay up night walk. :)

 And another...

The summer garden in full swing.

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