Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Filling in the gaps...

Starting in December of 2015!

Sweet siblings.

Christmas card picture 2015.

Cutting down our tree.

My love.

Early spring hike.

Taking a break during a five plus miles hike.

Foraging for nettles!

Patty's day!

First herbal apprenticeship class with Banden!

Easter 2016

Puppy love!

Indoor soggy day Easter hunt. :)

I hid clues in the eggs for the kids to find and put together to find their baskets. They loved it! 

Singing for us. 

Dress up with feathers!

Leiella's first horse riding lesson!

She's a natural!!! It's so much fun to watch her. 

Late spring nettle find!

Foraging for sorrel, the kids love it! It was one of my favorite when I was a kid as well. :)

My little foragers.

Nettle pesto! So good.

We love zucchini noodles!

Baseball season in full swing.

He's got the full gear this year. :)

I got this sweatshirt for Ryder, one of the best buys ever! It's so perfect for him. Ha ha!

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Kat said...

What great pictures! I love your family Christmas card picture. So beautiful!
And I love the last picture. Perfect! :)