Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Memory snapshots

This girl loves to help me. :)

My prince.

Early summer in the garden.

Mr. cool dude, ready for a game.


I love this so much! This is how he waits on base, ready to go!!!

Ryder and I got a weekend away and it was bliss.

We found a great hike to go on together. 

It was a much needed get away.

Foraging finds.

My favorite spot in the garden is also my cats favorite spot. :)


La got a new swim suit and she was so excited about it!

Playing hard. :)

We did a grand switch-a-roo! We gave up our large room to the boys so that Leiella could have her own room. Since she's getting older now. So now we have the smaller bedroom. Which is fine for us. :) 
So they got to pick what color they wanted, and they picked a Seahawks green. Yikes! None of them wanted to sleep in a bunkbed so we had to fit three beds in there. So there's not a lot of floor space, but they are all happy. None of them stay in their own beds, especially Ira who is sleeping in either Banden or Atty's bed every single time I check on them before going to sleep. Funny little puppy.

Mother's day hike. :)

We hiked down to this wonderful beach! The kids had a blast. Such a great way to spend Mother's day!

Mother's day with my mother. 

She was all excited about appearing taller than me... standing on a rock. ;)

But she's not, she's a wee thing. Ha ha!

Love this man!

Ira took this picture of me in my favorite spot in the garden.

Our new room all painted up. :)

Made a lot of sunscreen this year.

This girl loves her poodles. :)

More riding lessons!

One of my favorite times of day. Poodle snuggles!

Reading out of an Atty friendly cook book.

Finally noticed I was taking pictures, ha ha!

So cute!

While redecorating Leiella's room I found a spot that she tagged with her name, again! She is the only one of my kids who wrote on walls, shelves, etc... and she always wrote her name! Dead give away! Ha ha!

So good!

Working on Leiella room make over. This man worked hard to redo all the rooms. He ripped up nasty carpets, scrapped off popcorn ceiling and redid them, painted walls and a bunkbed, and on and on. I helped as I could but really he was the rock star!

She wanted to keep these sweet pictures that I got for her when she was a baby. They go perfectly with the colors that she picked for her room.

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Kat said...

You are such an amazing family. I love y'all so much!
Warms my heart. :)