Wednesday, November 18, 2009


"Bubu get down off that chair and close that window it's freezing outside!"

"But Daddy's getting a Reindeer!"


"A Reindeer, Daddy's getting a Reindeer! I want to see the Reindeer!"

"What are you talking about..."

"A Reindeer!"

(Spike and Atty come racing.) "Yeah Reindeer, Reindeer"

"Bubu, Daddy said Rain Gear, he went out to the shop to grab his rain Gear."

"But I want to see a Reindeer"

"Well you will have to wait for Christmas then, if you're lucky you might spot one."

"Bubu, seriously get down off that chair, Christmas is still a little ways away."

(Although coming up fast isn't it!)

So...Praise the Lord, my hubby was grabbing his rain Gear because the Carpenters Hall finally called and he has a Job! We don't know how long, but this one sounds like it will at least last more then a week (which was all he got the last time they called). We have both been praying for something and we both got a little emotional this time around. Being that he has worked less then three months out of this whole year! So...Praise the Lord!! I'm doing the happy dance!


Lisa said...

Man o man, I know exactly how you feel. Andy finishes on a garage on Friday, and right now, there is NOTHING in the works. So happy for you!

Brittany said...

What a cute story!

I am so happy that God has blessed your husband with some work! I'll keep praying that it continues :)

Best wishes :)