Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not sure if I should label this post Cousins or I Have A Giant Baby!

This is Strawberry's younger cousin, she's 11 days younger. My girl is a giant.
A big, fat, juicy, rolly-polly, stocky, beefy bald baby girl. I see quarterback in her future. Prettiest quarterback Ever!
This is Strawberry's older cousin, she is 11 weeks older.
My girl is just as long as her and weighs almost as much! Both of her cousins were born with beautiful full heads of hair, mine...bald...probably until she is two, I was! She may not be the most petite thing, but I'm thinking she will make the most beautiful tomboy some day and That would make a mother proud!!


smiles4u said...

I love your big beautiful bald baby! I love cute little tom girls!

Brittany said...

I want to chew on her cheeks and legs! I love chewey babies!