Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now my stomach hurts

Wowsers...things just got stressful with my heart child's adoption process (that we have been working on for 2 1/2 years now!) I just got off the phone with adoption support and it looks like, because of budget cuts, we won't continue to get the same amount of support we were counting on, much less actually. I've talked about my heart child before (I think you all know it's Atty by now, the adorable red head) and how his addition to our family was unexpected. He is my brother's biological child and they were unable to care for him, so he was placed with us at six days old and has been with us ever since. I didn't get 9 months to prepare, it wasn't part of our original plan, but plans change so often don't they? I got less then a week to prepare for the huge responsibility of raising another child, and although my husband and I don't regret it for a minute I would be lying if I tried to act like it didn't added a lot of financial stress as well as being overwhelming in general at times. We have been getting some financial assistants since his placement with us but now that the adoption is almost complete we have to beg our case in order to continue receiving any assistance. I'm not very good at that apparently. I guess I wouldn't be so stressed out about this if my husband wasn't laid off again and I wasn't on the brink of loosing my only full time child enrolled in my daycare because one of her parents is about to lose their job also. Daycare is one of the first things people cut if they can, and when you aren't working you aren't putting your child in daycare, I have had barely a call in the last year, which is nothing like the years prior! Stinkin' economy.

I can't really explain the whole situation so it probably seems like a petty thing to be worried about in the bigger picture, but none the less...I just needed to vent.

Which has made me feel a little better and since my hands were busy typing I stopped stress eating for a moment. Stress eating and being pregnant is not a good combination. Now the stress has turned into a stomachache (or was it all the food?) so I'm done for now. I have a lot to think about and figure out tonight, because I have to call the lady from adoption support back tomorrow at the latest, so I probably won't be sleeping much tonight. Whenever something is bothering me I can't turn my brain off, it's so irritating.

Ugggggg....I just want this all to be over and the adoption complete...I'm so tired of it.


Mama said...

Hang in there!
What a crapy time to be finding all that out! This economy is so shitty! Hope it turns around soon.

buzymommaof2 said...

Hey there....glad to hear you response to my blog. Congrats on the pregnancy also! I am now 30 weeks along. It's going way too fast. So I guess we are in the same boat with hubby's laid off, daycare a little slow right now, and trying to enjoy our last pregnancies through the stress! I guess I am saying, I know how you feel, keep looking up, cause you know you will make it through!

The Mom said...

Oh my goodness I am so sorry you are having to go through this. My husband has been laid off for 8mo. now and I am beyond freaking out. I wish I had some way to help you. I hope everything works out with the adoption.