Monday, May 25, 2009

A weekend in color.

We had an awesome long weekend. We found the best camping spot ever. Our back yard. On Saturday we ate a super yummy dinner on our back deck which consisted of chicken and sliced potatoes off the grill and super delicious tender steamed kale greens out of our garden. First crop of the year to make it to the table and it was devoured. We followed all this goodness with an over load of sugar...we were camping after all! We fed the boys smores for the first time. They were in awe!
Smores...yummy, yummy, yummy...

Stuffing his face, sugar never tasted so good!

Even Atty got a smores treat even though he really shouldn't have had the graham cracker being as it has wheat in it. See the pure glee on his face. I hate how he misses out on stuff because of all of his food sensitivities so every once and a while, if there is no alternative, I let him have a little and just deal with the rest. His reactions aren't severe enough for me to sweat the small stuff, just severe enough to warrant removing them from his diet. Which is an on going frustrating process, but that's a whole 'nother post.

This campsite had everything, even the sound of running water from the pond. Made it feel almost like we were at the river. Almost. Except safer, and less stressful, I'll go for that at this point.

A belly full of smores...oh and baby for me! :) Notice our dog, she has a major sweet tooth, the smell of roasting marshmallows was driving her crazy. She was desperate to get her jaws on some of that sweet goodness.

Roasting my toes by the fire. What a wonderful way to end the day. We didn't sleep in the tent that night, because the lure of a movie and a warm soft bed was too much. That's why this campground is the best, it comes with options. We did end the night snuggled together watching a movie until the boys drifted off to sleep, so sweet.
Then on Sunday we packed up and headed to a State park we hadn't ever been to before, and it made for another great day. The boys gobbled some watermelon right when we got there, then we ate a yummy lunch (which included raw kale greens for me because I seriously can't get enough of them!) and headed out to explore.

We hiked up a trail a ways. They stopped at every tree to tell us how big it was. When they weren't hugging trees they were running and scaring there mother senseless, because there would be these drop offs all of a sudden and I was terrified that one of them was going to go flying off. We all made it in one piece, mommy a little frazzled, but still having fun.

Gorgeous views.

Love these boys.

Squishing in for a family picture.

We took a break in this beautiful green grassy spot with all these little daisies. Bubu kept picking them to give to me and calling them daisy lions, which I loved. Atty decided that daddy would look good with one in his ear. Not behind his ear. In. His. Ear. It was pretty funny.

Enjoying the view.
I tried to get the boys to take a picture with me one at a time. Thought it would be cute. Spike wasn't into it. Wouldn't look up, not once. Little stinker.

This one worked. Which was a shocker because lately he has been looking the other way when I try to take his picture or he puts his hand up in the way. Maybe it was because daddy was taking the picture. Lately he's all about daddy, mommy is a thing of the past. Unless he gets hurt, or needs something.

Hubby didn't take this one up close and then when he tried to start over and do a close up, Atty was done. Oh well. This one is cute regardless. I was proud of my husband for taking such good pictures, he is notorious for his horrendous picture taking abilities. He's good at so many things but taking pictures is generally not one of them.

I tried to get artsy and take a picture of our shadows, can you guess who is who...

We also spent some time just relaxing on the beach. Throwing rocks in the water. The boys favorite pass time. Aren't they so cute.

Daddy went to join them.

Atty preferred to stay on the blanket with me and cover my leg in sand. Funny kid.

We went back home and ate another yummy dinner on the back deck and then roasted some marshmallows. Notice the guard around the back of the fire pit... ya, mommy needed it for a little more peace of mind. It was a tiny bit too scary for me the night before...I know I'm a freak. It's better to be safe then sorry I always say.
Luna decided to try the sad, neglected, feel sorry for me face that night to see if she could score any marshmallow from a gullible soul.

Taking a picture with my middle man. My wild child. My funny boy.

The boys decided to build towers with scrape wood and they had a blast.

The funnest part is always knocking them down.

Then while the boys were playing in the tent, or should I say rough-housing, I snuck in some chocolate. No I didn't share, I was doing them a favor, they already had enough sugar for one night.

The two littlest got to pretend camp, then I scooped them up and ushered them in doors. Daddy and Bubu got to camp out. Boy was Bubu excited, it was so cute. The little boys didn't really know what they were missing so I got to sleep on a nice comfy mattress in doors and I enjoyed every minute of it. Us three camped out in there room, so it was still fun, and so much easier.

...and this was Bubu and daddy this morning after their camp out, snuggling on the couch. Look at his little face, he had so much fun. He couldn't wait to tell me all about it when he got in the door. He hasn't stopped talking about camping all day. Cute.
So there you go, lots of pictures and a great time was had by all. Best weekend of this year so far...can't wait to see what else is in store!
Oh, and there is a new belly pic in the sidebar, 21 weeks, wow! I know I'm big...that's how I roll.


Lisa said...

I am so jealous. :) looks awesome. You didn't miss a thing with your camera, good for you! I love your backyard fire pit thingy...My favorite pic was the shadow one! And the ones of your hubby sitting by the water, backs to you, with the kids. oh, and the sneaky chocolate pic!! hehe!

Melody said...

What a fun camping trip!! I really want smores now....
What park did you guys go to? It looks beautiful!
You would definitely love letterboxing!!! It's a great family activity... it's like a treasure hunt. You find clues to where the boxes are hidden, and then follow the clues to get there. Each box has a hand carved stamp inside that you get to stamp in your logbook, and you bring your own stamp to stamp in the boxes logbook. I just managed to make that sound confusing, huh.
You entered my giveaway, yay!! I think to subscribe, there is a button or something on the bottom of my right hand column. I've never actually subscribed though, so I could be wrong :) Being a follower is basically the same thing I think!
I'll stop typing now before I write a novel! :)

Kat said...

Wow! What a great weekend!!!!