Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm the problem (or at least a good part of it).

My youngest has been giving me the hardest time lately at nap time. They all lay out on mats at nap time during daycare hours, and he just has a hard time settling down on his. He has taken to flailing around and then progressing into throwing a fit. So I have been sending him into his room until he is ready to lay on his mat. Which turns into quite the ordeal, let me tell you! Today he kept getting off of his mat while I was trying to get everyone else settled in, so I told him to go lay down in his room until he was ready to lay down with us. I braced myself for the turbulent response and subsequent aftermath of my request, but to my surprise he said "Kay mom" and sauntered into his room nonchalantly and I didn't hear a peep out of him. So after I had everyone settled in I went to check because usually when the boys are quiet it means they are getting into something. There he was on the bottom bunk snuggling with Luna our dog. I was a bit taken back so I just said again, you can sleep in her or out with us if you are ready to lay on your mat. He responded with another "Kay mom". So I walked out and laid down with Atty until he fell asleep. Then resisting the urge to check on him and spoil a good thing, I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes, enjoying being able to get that out of the way so early, yet a little unnerved by the silence in the bedroom. I still hadn't heard a word from my littlest. So finally I snuck back down the hallway and this is what I saw. He had made his own snugly spot at the foot of the bed with Luna and went to sleep on his own! This may not seem like a big deal but this is the kid who won't fall asleep unless he has his arm flung across my neck and I am holding his hand just right. He is a serious snuggle bug, always has been. He never just lays down on his own and falls asleep. He usually has to make a big deal about it, or at least drag it out until I am ready to scream. Not today. So stinkin adorable. So grown up.

On another note-

So I'm aware that I complain about my boys a lot. I guess I just use my blog as a place to vent. But I have been focusing on the negative to much. I have great children. I am blessed. They are not always naughty and I often gets comments about how well behaved they are when we are out and about. They just save the momma drama up for me, and since I am always with them, I deal with the same frustrating things over and over again, and well...a girls gotta vent.

That being said some time this week I am going to spend the day noticing and jotting down all the funny/cute/sweet things my boys do and then I am going to blog all about that. Because they deserve it. I really feel as late that I have just been a grumpy pregnant mom, and they are definitely feeding off of that. Doesn't it seem like when we moms get in a bad mood, our brood follow suit. I know my boys start acting up big time when I am grumpy or sad or distracted. Which is of course the worse time to push my buttons!


Lisa said...

He's too cute. :) You are a great mom, and your boys are great boys. I love reading about your life with them...I learn a lot, I am brought often to the realization that it's not me or not just my little one that's a little hellion from time to time! :) You are very blessed. I look forward to reading some funny/cute stuff soon! I will be blogging tomorrow (too late tonight) about my baby and how he is getting so big too fast. :( Nite.

Mama said...

So cute!!! I love it when they just fall asleep on there own like that. Caymus is the king of falling asleep on his own like this. He will sometimes just go to bed....not so much any more, but he used to all the time.
Every mom needs to vent. We deal with so much crap in a day and if we dont spill it we will explode. And lets face it, if we explode who will clean it up?