Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This...well this was good. Black bean burger with buttered yams and celery sticks. Oh yeah!

But this...well this was better. I made chocolate covered strawberries. I had left over chocolate from a treat I made for the daycare moms for Mother's day, and what else was I suppose to do with it? I ate way too many!
My pregnant self is a bit obsessed with food...ya think? I barely ate a thing when I was prego with Bubu and still gained 55 lbs and had an 11 lb baby. I went on a gestational diabetes diet with Spike, just to try and make him smaller and gain less, still gained 50 lbs and had a 10 lb baby. So this time...not going to do it. Don't care. Not going to try hard to fight the inevitable. What's the point. Just going to enjoy this pregnancy and a few more chocolate covered strawberries.

Oh and this, it doesn't taste good, but it sure is beautiful. I call this a unicorn sky. Even my husband calls them that now, so funny.

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Mama said...

Dont hold back, this is your last, enjoy, dont stress, just eat!!!